Starbucks House Blend Coffee

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package of starbucks house blend coffee

House Blend is a very popular Starbucks coffee.  House Blend is sold as whole been coffee and ground coffee.  I often buy the Starbucks House Blend whole been coffee to make my good morning coffee.

Starbucks House Blend was created when Starbucks first opened.  According to the package, “When we opened our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, we wanted a House Blend that captured the signature expression of our roasting style – glistening, dark chestnut beans loaded with flavor.  Years later, it’s still why people come through our doors.  House Blend has a wonderful balance of body, crisp acidity, nut and cocoa notes, and a touch of sweetness from the roast.”

Starbucks House Blend Coffee is Latin American coffee.  The flavor intensity is medium – it is not too bitter and is not too light.  It has a personality without being overbearing.  It’s just right.

Enjoy your freshly brewed Starbucks House Blend Coffee with a slice of Lemon Bundt Cake!  Yuuummm… smells delicious!

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