How To Make Really Good Coffee

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Ever wondered why the coffee you make is a far cry from Starbucks®? ;)  Here’s how to make really good coffee at your own home:

1. Start With Whole Coffee Beans

Using packaged pre-ground coffee (or even worse, instant coffee) will not give you good results – you’ll get stale-tasting brown water :)  Grinding the beans is extremely easy!  Just buy a cheap coffee grinder, and then all you need to do is put the beans there and press the button.  30 seconds and you are done!

2. Coffee Beans Must Be Fresh

Look at the expiration date at the store when you buy your coffee – make sure the expiration date is far away.  Once the package is opened, use it as soon as possible – their flavor noticebly deteriorates even as fast as after a week.  Store in the air-tight container.  If you still have some left a month after you opened it, throw it out.

I store my coffee in the original packages (assuming they are resealable) – I force out as much air as I can, then seal the package.  I store opened packages in the refrigerator door – I found that they stay fresh longer in the refrigerator then in the pantry.

3. Grind Coffee Beans Right Before Using

Studies found that the ground coffee loses most of its aroma 20 minutes after grinding.  So grind the beans right before brewing your cofee.

4. Use Bottled Or Filtered Water

If your tap water doesn’t taste good right out of the faucet, if won’t taste good in your coffee!  Remember, your coffee will taste as good as the ingredients that go in it :)

5. Use Enough Coffee

Most people don’t put enough COFFEE into their coffee :)  If there is not enough coffee beans, your coffee will taste blah.  I use 3 tbsp of coffee beans per every 8 oz of water.

6. Choose The Right Roast Of Coffee Beans

Should you choose light, medium or dark roast? Unless you already know your preference, I recommend starting with the light roast.  I personally like the Starbucks® Light Roast Breakfast Blend coffee beans.   Then try the medium.   Dark roast is quite bitter, it’s definately not for everybody :)

7. If Not Drinking Coffee Right Away, Use Thermal Coffeemaker

If you drink your coffee right after brewing, it doesn’t really matter what coffeemaker you use (thermal or glass carafe).  But if you let the coffee sit in the carafe before you drink it, you must use thermal.

Glass carafe coffeemakers keep the coffee hot by letting it sit on a heated element.  When the coffee is constantly heated, it gets this yucky burned taste.

Thermal coffeemakers keep the coffee hot by insulated thermal carafe.  Once the coffee is brewed, it’s not longer heated, so the taste doesn’t get altered.

8. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Coffeemaker

When you are done with your coffee, don’t forget to clean your coffeemaker!  If you don’t usually eat from dirty plates, don’t make your coffee in a dirty coffemaker :) Discard the coffee filter and wash the carafe after each use.

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  1. Coffee Maker Ratings
    Coffee Maker Ratings says:

    Hello Melanie…A fantastic article with lost of information…I would only like to point out a small problem that can occur as a result of refrigeration of the beans…with frequent opening and closing of the container when in the refrigerator can cause condensation and the moisture then can tamper the flavour of the beans…..Storing them in an opaque and airtight canister at room temperature does help solve that problem…but as you rightly pointed out…that does not help with preserving the beans for long…


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