What Wine Goes Best With Pizza?

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what kind of wine goes with pizza - red or white?

The most common choice of alcohol to go with pizza is beer.  But what if you’d like to serve wine at your party where pizza is part of the menu?  If you are wondering if wine goes well with pizza, it surely does!

The two key ingredients of the pizza are tomato sauce and cheese.  Cheese and wine is a classic combination, they go so well together.  Pizza is perfect with wine too, just like the cheese :)

What wine should you serve with the pizza – red or white? I say definitely red!  Pizza is a hearty food that begs for red wine to go with it.

If you are looking for an inexpensive wine to serve with your pizza, try the Yellow Tail Merlot – under $10 for a bottle and goes really well with pizza!

For great pizza recipes, check out Hawaiian pineapple pizza recipe, cheese pizza recipe and chicken onion flatbread.  Enjoy your pizza with a glass of red wine!


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