rectangle shaped pizza picture

Rectangle And Square Shaped Pizza

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rectangle shaped pizza picture

When making pizza, you are not restricted to a traditional round pizza shape.  You can make your pizza any shape you wish.  On the picture above, the pizza is shaped like a rectangle with the rounded corners.

You might think – why would I make a rectangle or square shaped pizza?  Well, the reason why I made the rectangle shaped pizza was to fit that pizza on a cookie sheet.  I was baking that pizza on a cookie sheet, and if the pizza was round shape, it would take up just half of the cookie sheet, and I would have to make the second pizza with the remaining dough.  What I ended up doing was making one pizza that’s as big as a cookie sheet and is shaped to fit a rectangular cooking sheet.

Making the pizza shaped like a rectangle or a square is easy.  First, make the easy pizza dough using a bread machine.  To make a rectangle shaped pizza, roll the pizza dough into an oval, then pull on the corners of the dough oval with your fingers to stretch the dough to look like a rectangle.  To make square shaped pizza, roll the pizza dough into a circle, then pull on the corners to stretch the dough into a square shape.  That’s all there is to it!

You can make the pizza dough any shape you wish, including the rectangle and square.  Then load up the dough with your favorite toppings, put into a hot oven and out comes the pizza, ready for you in your favorite shape :)

If you like unusual-shaped pizzas, you must check out my heart-shaped pizza.  Yum!  See also: how to make cheese pizza from scratch

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