What Are The Best Measuring Spoons?

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If you are tired of cheap plastic measuring spoons with half-erased markings on them, you need these professional measuring spoons in your life!

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I use these measuring spoons every day in my kitchen and absolutely love them! Here are the reasons why these measuring spoons are so great:

These measuring spoons are double sided

It’s like getting 2 measuring spoons in one! Takes up space of one spoon, but has 2 separate measuring spoon ends :)

When you get one side of the measuring spoon dirty, you can use the other end – no need to run to wash/dry the measuring spoon before dipping it into another jar!

These measuring spoons are magnetic

The middle part has a magnet that helps these spoons stick together, so they are all in one place in your drawer.  No more lost and misplaced measuring spoons!

These measuring spoons are durable

Unlike cheap plastic that cracks, the metal measuring spoons last forever!

These measuring spoons are dishwasher safe

I run them through the dishwasher all the time!

These measuring spoons fit in spice jars

They have 2 ends – one long and narrow one for scooping dry ingredients from spice jars, and the second round end for measuring liquid ingredients!

These measuring spoons look great!

They are just more pleasant to look at and cook with then cheap plastic ones – period!

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