Coffee With Liquor – Adding Alcohol To Coffee Drinks

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coffee and white rum cream liquer

Coffee and liquor is a great combination.  They are both very powerful drinks, and when combined they create something unique – the alcohol really enhances the taste of coffee and gives it new depth.

Your coffee with liquor is as good as the components – you need great coffee and great liquor :)  To make great coffee, start with fresh whole coffee beans, grind them and brew coffee in a good coffee maker.  Don’t skimp on the coffee beans, so your coffee can be strong and full of flavor.

When the coffee is done brewing, pour yourself a cup of fresh coffee and add a little bit of coffee liquor. What kind of liquor goes well with coffee?  There are several kinds of liquor that go well with coffee: Rum, Kahlua, Baileys and Amaretto.

Don’t add too much liquor – a little goes a long way.  You want to make your coffee tasty, not to get drunk :)  If needed, you can also add extra sugar and milk.

On the top picture is a cup of coffee with the Jamaican White Rum Cream Liquor.

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