klatch coffee package

Klatch Coffee – Guatemala Genuine Antigua Covadonga

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klatch coffee package

I ordered this coffee from the Klatch Coffee online store.  Klatch Coffee beans are freshly roasted.  When you buy coffee beans at the grocery store, they could have been roasted months ago.  Klatch Coffee roasts the beans right before shipping them to you.

Freshly roasted coffee tastes better than the coffee that’s been roasted a while ago.  It is a known fact that the taste of roasted coffee beans deteriorates with time, so it’s best to roast the beans as close to the coffee brewing time as possible.

I bought that bag of coffee from Klatch Coffee becasue I wanted freshly roasted coffee beans, and Klatch Coffee is the source to get them.  On my package, there was a hand-written Date Of Roasting, and it was 2 days before I received the coffee bag in the mail.  This coffee definately tasted fresher and cleaner than the coffee that I get at the grocery store.

Klatch Coffee is the Micro-Roaster of the year (2009) according to the Roast Magazine.  They roast the coffee is small batches right before shipping it out to customers.

From the package of Klatch Coffee: “What is a klatch? By definition a klatch is a casual gathering for coffee and conversation.” But to us it’s much more… it’s a philosophy, a culture, a merger of all elements in coffee working in concert to make up the art that is KLATCH COFFEE.”

The coffee I got is called Guatemala Genuine Antigua Covadonga.  This coffee is from Antigua Valley region.  The package describes the coffee as – “Bringing back antigua. Sweet floral, watermelon and honey on the nose, carried into the cup with caramel, citrus and hints of cherry fruit notes.  A creamy vanilla, honey body follwed by a sweet linger of jubilee aftertaste.”  Can you imagine?  What a smell, and what a taste!

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