Tazo Herbal Caffeine-Free Scarlet Citrus Rooibos Tea

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tazo herbal tea citrus rooibos

If I’ve already had enough caffeine for the day but still want a tasty drink of tea, I turn to caffeine-free tea.  Tazo tea has many caffeine-free choices, and this Tazo Scarlet Citrus Rooibos tea is one of them.  Rooibos, hibiscus and citrus give this tea great flavor without the caffeine!

Here’s the description of Tazo Scarlet Citrus Rooibos tea from the package: “Juicy brightness dapples your palate like light filtering through a poppy parasol.  Suddenly you’re riding a dragonfly helicopter through the African bush, an evergreen forest and a cirtus orchard.  Let creamy, crimson rooibos, fragrant rosemary and citrus peel be your guides”.  It sounds delicious, and it really does taste delicious!

The ingredients in this tasty herbal Tazo tea are African rooibos (red bush), hibiscus flours, lemon verbena, orange peel, rosemary, lemon balm, citric acid and natural flavors.  To brew herbal tea, pour boiling water in a cup and steep the teabag for 5 minutes.  Herbal tea takes longer to brew than regular tea, so please be patient and let the tea brew for the full 5 minutes to fully develop its flavor.

Below is the picture of a brewed cup of Tazo Scarlet Citrus Rooibos tea:

a cup of herbal tazo rooibos caffeine free tea

Rooibos has many health benefits – it is loaded with anti-oxidants and it also has essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium.  All of these nutrients plus being free of caffeine make Tazo Scarlet Cirtus Rooibos tea a great choice for a healthy and tasty drink!  And if you like Tazo tea, also check out my reviews of Tazo Om Green Tea, Tazo Organic Apricot White Tea and Tazo Focus Black Tea.

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