cleaning a panini press with a paper towel

How To Clean A Panini Press

Panini press is a very useful kitchen gadget.  I use my panini maker several times a week to make grilled hot sandwiches. Many kitchen gadgets are easy to use, but hard to clean.  Is panini press one of them?

Should you stay away from panini press because you don’t know how to clean it? Not a chance!  Panini press is very easy to clean.  It takes less than a minute to clean a panini maker, and here’s how you do it.

First of all, don’t ever wash the panini press in the sink!  It’s an electrical appliance, and these should never be put under running water or even worse submerged in water.  Water and electrical stuff don’t mix – water can break the panini maker, cause the electrical shock or even fire!

Before cleaning the panini press, make sure it is unplugged, and make sure it is completely cool to touch.

Next, see if there are any large crumbs or pieces inside the panini press.  If that’s the case, flip the panini press over the sink or a large trash can, and dump the crumbs out.

After there are no large crumbs inside the panini maker, take the wet paper towel and wipe the inside of panini press.  Panini grills are non-stick, so it should get cleaned very easily.

Below is the picture of me wiping the inside of panini press with a wet paper towel:

cleaning a panini press with a paper towel

So basically, a quick wipe-down with the paper towel will do the trick of cleaning the panini press!  It only takes a minute, and the panini press will be clean and ready for making grilled hot sandwiches!

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