How To Make Plum Pie

Easy Plum Pie Recipe

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freshly baked plum pie in a baking dish

When plums are in season, it’s a perfect opportunity to make this easy plum pie dessert!  Even if you are not an experienced baker, this easy plum pie recipe will turn out perfect!

There are only 5 ingredients in this plum pie.  How many pie recipes have you seen with so few ingredients?  Well, everything genius is simple :)  5 yummy ingredients is all you need to make an outstanding plum pie.

What makes this plum pie recipe so easy is the fact that you don’t need to roll out the crust.  There is no need to fumble with the rolling pin trying to roll out a perfect dough circle :) The pie crust in this recipe is the dough simply pressed into a baking pan with your fingers.

This plum pie is a perfect combination of the sweet and sour taste of plums and a flaky buttery crust and topping.  The plum pie says “It’s summer!” and the taste will make you smile.

This plum pie is delicious served warm or at room temperature.  Enjoy this plum pie – it’s so yummy that it disappears very quickly!

Here are some more pictures of the easy plum pie:

Here’s what’s left of the pie right after the family digs in :)

half of plum pie left

Closeup of the plum pie:

plum pie closeup

And here’s the picture of the plum pie slice:

a slice of the plum pie

Easy Plum Pie Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This plum pie recipe is very easy to make and so delicious! Made with fresh plums, it is perfect for summer!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8 servings
  • 8 medium plums
  • 2 cups flour
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1½ sticks (12 tbsp) butter, cut in 12 pieces
  • 1 egg
  1. Preheat the oven to 400F.
  2. Put the butter, sugar, flour and egg in the food processor fitted with the steel dough blade.  Turn on the food processor and process until everything is evenly combined (about 1 minute).
  3. Cut the plums into slices and discard the pits.
  4. Spray the non-stick 9-inch round baking dish with a non-stick cooking spray.
  5. Take ⅔ of the dough mixture and put it in a baking dish.  Press the dough with your fingers to form the bottom crust - the dough should line the bottom of the baking dish without any gaps.
  6. Put the plum slices on top of the dough.  Crumble the remaining ⅓ of the dough and put those dough crumbles on top of the plums.
  7. Put the baking dish in the oven and bake the plum pie for 45 minutes.
  8. Remove the plum pie from the oven.  It will be very hot!  Let cool for 15 minutes.


Plum Pie Recipe with fresh plums - so easy, anyone can make this! |

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15 replies
  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Oooh, this sounds like a pie I could be brave enough to try! I’m normally terrified of pastry because of the chilling/rolling/shrinking factor, but I like the sound of this. It’s like a cookie dough crust :D

  2. foodie @ Tasting Spot
    foodie @ Tasting Spot says:

    i really like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

  3. Nami | Just One Cookbook
    Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    This is great!!! I am not a good baker or I should say I don’t bake often. I love the fact that all the ingredients besides plums are something I always have at home. I bookmarked this and will try this. It looks so good!! I can’t wait to eat this with good ice cream!!! =) Thank you so much for sharing. This is my first time on your site, and I enjoyed browsing around. :-)

  4. Afleeg
    Afleeg says:

    This was DELICIOUS. So thrilled with how it turned out. I made a few tweaks though:
    – I used 1/2 cup sugar
    – I put a handful of almonds and a splash of almond extract in with the food processor items.
    – I made sure my plums were slightly overripe (and therefore extra sweet)
    The result was the best use of plums!! Thanks!


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