Mixed Berry And Almond Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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Traditional smoothies only keep me full for a couple of hours.  They are just not substantial enough, and I get hungry a few hours after having one.

I want my breakfast to keep me full!  That’s why I decided to add almonds in this smoothie for protein.  Best of all, it worked!  This smoothie of mixed frozen berries, yogurt and almonds keeps me full until lunch.


Plain low-fat yogurt
Mixed frozen berries
1 tbsp sugar
A handful of almonds

Directions How To Make A Smoothie:

Put all ingredients in a blender.


Process until smooth.


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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Adding nuts is a great idea! I made a similar smoothie the other day (I also added banana to mine), and even though I used a liquid egg white product in it for protein, I think I needed a little “good” fat to make it more satisfying. Next time, I’m going to add almonds, too!


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