bowl of fresh blueberries

Bowl Of Fresh Blueberries For A Snack

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bowl of fresh blueberries

I love having a bowl of blueberries for a snack.  The blueberries are very tasty berries that are loaded with anti-oxidants.

The best tasting blueberries are the organic blueberries during the blueberry season!

When you eat your blueberries, here’s what to do to increase your enjoyment:

Put The Blueberries In A Nice Bowl

Don’t eat the blueberries in the original plastic container!  As silly as it sounds, eating blueberries out of a pretty bowl makes me enjoy the blueberries even more :)  Wash your blueberries and put them in a nice bowl.  If you always eat them from a plastic container, try the bowl trick once – you’ll never go back to those plastic boxes!

Eat The Blueberries By A Handful

Don’t eat the blueberries one at a time.  To get the best blueberry taste, put a bunch of blueberries in your mouth at once – this way you’ll get the most intense blueberry flavor!

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