How To Make Candied Pecans At Home – Step-By-Step Instructions

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Here are the step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to make candied pecans at home.  If you’ve never made candied pecans before, this guide will help you visualize the process, so you can make candied pecans yourself with confidence.

Even though making your own candied pecans sounds so gourmet, it’s really easy and only takes 5 minutes.  The recipe for homemade candied pecans with the exact ingredients can be found here: sweet candied nuts recipe.

Step 1 Of Making Candied Pecans: Melt The Butter

Melt 2 tbsp of butter on a large non-stick skillet.

melting butter on a frying pan

Step 2 Of Making Candied Pecans: Add Sugar

Add the sugar to the butter on the frying pan.

adding sugar to butter on the frying pan

Step 3 Of Making Candied Pecans: Add The Pecans

Add the pecans to the frying pan.  Your frying pan will now have all necessary ingredients for candied pecans: nuts, sugar and butter.

add the pecans to the frying pan

Step 4 Of Making Candied Pecans: Mix Everything

Mix the nuts, butter and sugar in the frying pan.

mix nuts, butter and sugar

Step 5 Of Making Candied Pecans: Keep Mixing Until Ready

Keep mixing candied pecans until all the sugar dissolves.  When the candied pecans are ready, they’ll be evenly covered with the brown candy!

On this picture, the sugar is already incorporated into melted butter, but not yet dissolved:

making candied pecans in progress

On this picture, the sugar and butter became the brown candy, the pecans are coated with caramel and the candied pecans are ready!  This is what candied pecans in the frying pan should look like when they are ready:

homemade candied pecans in the frying pan

Step 6 Of Making Candied Pecans: Cool On Parchment Paper

Remove candied pecans from the stove and spread them in a single layer on parchment paper.  This will allow the candied nuts to dry and the caramel to harden.  After the candied pecans have cooled down, they are ready! You can now put them in a bowl and use as you wish.

candied nuts drying on parchment paper

For the exact ingredients and proportions, check out the recipe for candied pecans.

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  1. I adore these on salads…and they’re also great hostess gifts for holiday parties! Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe, Melanie~

  2. Candied pecans are one of my favorite holiday treats! Which reminds me that I haven’t made any yet this year…

  3. I remember seeing a candied pecan recipes from a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t remember where. Thanks for posting the step-by-step! I’m headed off to make them right now!

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