Salami And Cheese Croissant Sandwich Recipe

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One of the most important sandwich ingredients is the bread – it can really make or break the taste of the sandwich.  By making a sandwich on a croissant, you’ll certainly get the bread part right!  Soft, flaky and buttery croissant transforms an ordinary sandwich into something special.

This yummy croissant sandwich has a slice of salami and a slice of cheese on a croissant.  The croissant is split and spread with mayo before adding salami and cheese.  After adding the ingredients, put the croissant back together and bite into this yummy sandwich!

The cheese that traditionally goes with salami is the provolone.  If you don’t have the provolone cheese, any cheese will do.  On this picture, I used the colby jack cheese, and it was really yummy too!

Salami And Cheese Croissant Sandwich Recipe


  • 1 croissant
  • 1 slice of salami
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 1 tbsp mayo


  • Split the croissant bun with a knife.
  • Spread the croissant with mayo.
  • Add salami and cheese to the croissant.
  • Close the croissant bun, so the salami and cheese are inside.

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