Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

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If you are looking to celebrate this Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day Brunch, but want to avoid the crowds at the Mother’s Day Brunch in restaurants this year, you can make your own homemade brunch.  Many of these Mother’s Day Brunch recipes are so easy that even the kids can make them, treating the mom for a special meal!

Mother’s Day French Toast Recipe

storing french toast

This yummy french toast recipe is really easy to make – just dip the bread slices in egg and milk and pan-fry on both sides.  You can even make this french toast the day ahead and reheat it in the microwave – french toast reheats very well!  Serve this yummy make ahead french toast with maple syrup for a perfect Mother’s day brunch!  Please see my easy french toast recipe for complete instructions.

Easy Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

how to make blueberry pancakes

Everybody loves these blueberry pancakes!  These buttermilk pancakes are loaded with blueberries and taste so good.  Just like french toast, you can make them in advance and reheat before serving for an easy homemade Mother’s day brunch.  Check out my easy blueberry pancakes recipe for these tastiest pancakes.

Scrambled Eggs Brunch Recipe

how to make scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs is a super quick and easy recipe – they are made in less than a minute!  Just crack the eggs into a frying pan and mix until set!  I love to add shredded cheese to scrambled eggs – please see my easy scrambled eggs recipe with cheese.

Mother’s Day Chicken Salad Recipe

how to make chicken salad with grapes

The chicken salad that’s on this picture has grapes in it – yum!  Making a chicken salad is really easy – just mix chopped cooked chicken with chopped hard boiled egg and mayo, and add extra ingredients of your choice, like the grapes :)  There are so many different chicken salad recipes – you can add cucumber for a cucumber chicken salad, chopped onion for the onion chicken salad, pickle for the chicken salad with pickles and my favorite – chicken salad with grapes!

You can put chicken salad between two slices of bread to make chicken salad sandwiches, or on a fresh sub roll to make a chicken salad sub!

Microwave Corn On The Cob Recipe

microwave corn on the cob recipe

This freshly cooked corn on the cob is so tasty!  Best of all, it is so simple to make – you just use a microwave to cook the corn!  Even the smallest kids can make this Mother’s Day brunch recipe :)  Please see the complete recipe for microwave corn on the cob.

Easy No Cook Mother’s Day Dessert Pastries

fruit whipped cream pastries

These yummy little desserts are using store-bought pastry shells, whipped cream and fresh fruits!  They are super easy to make, require no cooking and they are really tasty!  The kids can have so much fun filling the pastries with whipped cream and decorating with fruits, and mom will be really happy :) Please see this no cook dessert pastry recipe.

Best Chocolate Brownies Recipe

how to make chocolate brownies

This is a perfect recipe for brownie lovers – it makes the best chocolate brownies ever!  They are moist, they are rich and they are chocolatey – a perfect dessert for a homemade Mother’s Day Brunch!  Please see my best brownie recipe.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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