Easy Brie and Jam Appetizer Ritz Cracker Bites Recipe

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Brie cheese slices with delicious jam that complements the taste of Brie, brilliantly served on a buttery Ritz cracker that just melts in your mouth.  This simple appetizer is as easy as it gets, and as good as it gets!

Brie Cheese With Jam On Ritz Crackers Easy Appetizer

You can slave for hours in the kitchen creating fancy gourmet appetizers.  You can be creating fancy shells out of tiny mushrooms, potatoes or eggs, and desperately trying to add the filling without making a mess.  You can be chopping things into carefully measured pieces and threading them perfectly onto cute tiny skewers.  Or you can save yourself the trouble and make these shamelessly simple and outrageously tasty brie & jam appetizers!

Drool! Crunch! Taste the brie!  Taste the jam! Crunch!  Yummmm!

Brie & Jam Appetizer Cracker Bites Recipe

Those who know me will attest that I’m a fan of all things simple, and these brie and jam crackers fit the bill.   This appetizer doesn’t require any cooking and a huge tray of these yummy bites can be assembled in under 5 minutes!

Everything genius is simple.  Just put the brie slices on a Ritz cracker and top with a dollop of your favorite jam.  Is it worthy of posting on a food blog?  Absolutely!  If it’s tasty and it’s easy, you are going to see it here :)  That’s what sets my site apart from other food sites – I’m not here to impress with my cooking skills, I’m here to share easy recipes for REAL people – stuff that you will actually make!

Brie & Jam Appetizer Cracker Bites

I got this idea when shopping at Whole Foods.  They had a sample tray of Brie slices, bread pieces and an opened jar of jam.  There were those mini plastic tongs for the cheese and the disposable spoon thingies to spread the jam, to keep the grubby hands and germs away.  What I saw was astonishing – the scraps of Brie (mostly rind left), bread crumbs all over and an almost empty jar of jam with the jam smeared next to Brie… and my favorite part – a STAMPEDE of Whole Foods shoppers in their best yoga pants clamoring around the sample tray to get the last crumbs… with hands all over!

Another week at Whole Foods – same scenario – Brie and jam almost all gone, people fighting over what’s left.  Notice the pattern – Brie and jam, people just simply can’t get enough.  Enough said.

Now just put in on a cracker.  Forget about those fancy “healthy” overpriced crackers that taste like cardboard.  I WANT RITZ!  Other crackers just can’t compare to the buttery crumb of Ritz crackers.  They way they crumble in your mouth is simply magic.  Now pair it with the addictive smoothness of Brie and the sweetness of jam.  Now eat.  Until there are no more of these morsels left.

Brie Cheese And Jam Appetizer Cracker Bites Recipe

What kind of Brie and what kind of jam should you use?  Whatever floats your boat!  I used the pepper brie – that’s what those black thingies are – pepper.  The jam I used was spiced apricot jam, so it was sweet and somewhat savory, with the herbs mixed in.   I can’t think of any kind of jam that won’t work here – they are all good with Brie, so experiment away.

This is an appetizer, but I have to admit – I ate these for lunch.  Yes, a plate of Ritz crackers with brie and jam for lunch.  I was too lazy to cook and I had all the ingredients for these yummy bites at home.  So I made these, took these pics to post on the site and ate every single bite with a cup of coffee.  Don’t tell anyone!

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Easy Brie & Jam Appetizer Ritz Cracker Bites Recipe

Brie and jam are a match made in heaven, and when you combine them on a Ritz cracker you have an instant party hit!
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American


  • Ritz crackers 1 package
  • Brie cheese 1 wheel
  • Jam 1 small jar


  • Put the Ritz crackers on a tray in a single layer.
  • Slice the Brie cheese.
  • Put the Brie slices on top of Ritz crackers.
  • Add a dollop of jam on top of each Brie slice.
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  1. I am all for simple and so many simple things are so utterly delicious. I love Ritz crackers and I remember the first time I tried brie back in HS (in a cooking class) and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. I’ve been a fan ever since. This appetizer is sure to be a hit.

  2. Well it sounds like you’re on to something here, Melanie! I love brie, jam and crackers separately, so I’m sure I would love them together as well! ;) And definitely no judgement passed on you eating these for lunch – I would do exactly the same thing!!

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