Waffles With Jam For Breakfast

waffle with orange marmalade jam

I often have waffles for breakfast – the store-bought frozen kind that you pop in a toaster.  I have 2 breakfast staples that involve waffles: Waffles With Nutella and Waffles With Jam.  If I’m having waffles for breakfast, I’ll spread them with either Nutella or jam.  There’ve been a few times where I’ve spread half of a waffle with Nutella and another half with jam – yes, I’m that crazy :)

For the waffles with jam, I’ve tried many different jams – common jams like blackberry, strawberry, cherry, peach, apricot and plum, unusual ones like gooseberry, boisenberry and lingonberry, and my favorite – orange marmalade jam!

On this picture, I spread the waffle with the orange marmalade – I took that photo right before biting into this warm crispy waffle with the intense orange citrus flavor!

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