Waffles With Nutella For Breakfast

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waffle spread with nutella

Here’s instant breakfast that’s delicious: waffles with Nutella! Waffles spread with Nutella taste heavenly.  I use store-bought frozen waffles, and just pop them in a toaster.  When waffles jump out of a toaster, all crispy and warm, I spread them with Nutella.

Nutella transforms ordinary store-bought boring waffles into a breakfast to look forward to!  Anything spread with Nutella tastes good :)

The warmth from the waffles warms the Nutella spread, and it tastes so comforting, thick, sweet, chocolatey and warm!  Bite the crispy waffles and swirl the gouey warm Nutella with your tongue!

Waffles with Nutella go perfectly with a cup of coffee.  Coffee and Nutella are a perfect pairing :)  See how you can make a perfect cup of coffee at home with my detailed instructions.  Nutella is so sweet that I don’t even add sugar in my coffee when I have coffee with waffles spread with Nutella.

Waffles with Nutella breakfast is also very filling as Nutella has lots of protein from the nuts.  Quick, easy, filling and yummy breakfast – that’s what waffles with Nutella is, and that’s why I have waffles with Nutella for breakfast quite often.

If you are worried about the calories in Nutella, think about this: at least it keeps you full!  If you choose a low-calorie breakfast option, you’ll get hungry quickly and end up eating even more calories!  I think breakfast is a good time to eat Nutella.  I eat Nutella with waffles for breakfast and feel great about it :)

Try waffles with Nutella for breakfast – it will become your favorite too!

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