Baked Summer Sausage Recipe With Apricot-Mustard Glaze

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This amazing glazed summer sausage will be devoured in a snap!  Glistening with the finger-lickin’ apricot-mustard glaze, nobody can resist!  4 ingredients, 5 minutes of prep and you are a hero!

Apricot Mustard Glazed Summer Sausage Recipe

The mouthwatering glaze for this baked summer sausage is made with three ingredients – apricot jam, Dijon mustard and brown sugar.  Mix them together, taste it and you’ll know immediately how good this summer sausage is going to turn out :)  You won’t be able to stop licking your fingers!

Apricot-Mustard Glazed Summer Sausage - so finger-lickin' good!

Here’s the lineup of the 4 simple ingredients that make up this amazingly easy and delicious recipe – summer sausage, apricot jam, Dijon mustard and brown sugar:

Glazed Summer Sausage Ingredients

For this recipe, I’m using Klements Garlic Summer Sausage made by Klement’s Sausage Company – this is a high quality sausage that tastes amazing! Klement’s Summer Sausage has an authentic European handcrafted taste that is delicious year round!

Klements Garlic Summer Sausage

The Klement’s Sausage story began 60 years ago when three brothers – John, George and Ron Klement purchased a small sausage company in South Milwaukee. The word about the genuine, old country flavor spread quickly and before long, Klement’s was a favorite. They’ve grown a lot since that small 6-person operation, but haven’t lost sight of what made their family business a success. Hard work, dedication, and perfectly seasoned sausage – that’s a true recipe for a winning business!

Glazed Baked Summer Sausage Recipe

Every recipe is as good as the ingredients that go into it :)  Take this amazing summer sausage, combine it with a finger-lickin’ glaze and bake to perfection!  On the picture below, the Klements Garlic Summer Sausage is getting ready for the glaze!

Glaze For Klements Summer Sausage

In addition to Summer Sausage, Klement’s also makes Cooked and Smoked Sausage, as well as Sausage Snack Sticks. Klement’s Cooked and Smoked Sausages are created from old world European recipes that have been passed down for generations using only the finest ingredients, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors!  Klement’s Snack Sticks are for busy people who care about the food they eat and share. They are the convenient high protein choice that fits on the go lifestyles. They are handcrafted using authentic recipes and premium ingredients, so they’re not just easy to eat, they’re easy to love!  They are simply awesome!

Klements Sausage Products

Making this glazed summer sausage is extremely easy.  First, mix the apricot, mustard and brown sugar to make a glaze, next slice the summer sausage 3/4th of the way through (accordion style), then brush with the glaze and bake!   This baked summer sausage looks, smells and tastes amazing!

Baked Glazed Summer Sausage

You can serve this glazed summer sausage either as an appetizer or a main dish.  The accordion slices and a shiny glaze make this summer sausage look so impressive, it’s a great addition to a holiday table!  Serve alongside crackers, cheese slices and grapes as part of the appetizer or buffet spread, or just enjoy these delicious slices with mashed potatoes as a main course!

Glazed Summer Sausage Appetizer On A Cracker

How To Make Glazed Baked Summer Sausage Step-By-Step

Step 1: Mix Glaze Ingredients

In a bowl, combine the apricot jam, mustard and brown sugar to make a glaze.

Glaze For Summer Sausage

Here is the glaze after the ingredients have been mixed:

Glaze For Klements Summer Sausage

Step 2: Slice The Summer Sausage Accordion-Style

Slice the summer sausage three-quarters of the way through (make sure the slices are connected at the bottom).

Hassleback Summer Sausage

Summer Sausage

Step 3: Brush Summer Sausage With A Glaze

Brush sausage with half of the glaze, using the pastry brush to get the glaze in spaces in between slices.

Glazed Summer Sausage Recipe

How To Make Glazed Summer Sausage

Step 4: Bake Summer Sausage

Bake it in a pre-heated 325F oven for 25 minutes.  The spaces between the slices will open and look like the picture below.  Brush with the remaining glaze (especially the spaces between the slices) and bake for another 20 minutes.

Glazed Baked Summer Sausage

Enjoy the deliciousness!

Baked Glazed Summer Sausage Recipe With Apricot Mustard Glaze

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Baked Summer Sausage With Apricot Mustard Glaze

This glazed summer sausage tastes out of this world and looks so impressive with the accordion-style slices! Sticky apricot-mustard glaze is so finger-lickin' good! Just 4 ingredients and super-easy to make!
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time45 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 8 servings


  • 12 oz summer sausage
  • 1/2 cup apricot jam
  • 3 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar


  • Preheat the oven to 325F.
  • Line the baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a bowl, mix the apricot jam, Dijon mustard and brown sugar.
  • Slice the summer sausage three quarters of the way through (accordion style) into 1/8-inch slices, so the slices are connected at the bottom.
  • Put the summer sausage on a baking sheet and brush with half of the glaze. Get some of the glaze in between the slices by using a pastry brush or a spoon. Reserve the remaining glaze.
  • Put the summer sausage in the oven and bake for 25 minutes.
  • Remove the summer sausage from the oven and brush with the remaining glaze. At this point, the spaces between the slices should have opened and it will be easy to get the glaze in between the slices.
  • Put the summer sausage back in the oven and bake for 20 more minutes.
  • Serve this glazed summer sausage warm (it can be reheated in a microwave if needed).
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