Best Meal Prep Containers

Best Meal Prep Containers

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Want to prep your meals like a boss? Check out these meal prep containers that I personally use every day for my meal prep and storing snacks and leftovers!

Best Meal Prep Containers

The containers I use are Nutribox Clear 28oz Meal Prep Food Storage Containers.  After trying lots of different container options over the years, I discovered these containers on Amazon and it’s the only meal prep boxes I use from now on!

stackable meal prep containers

Here are the reasons why I love these meal prep containers so much:

These Meal Prep Containers Are Stackable

They are stackable, so they don’t take up much space in my cabinet.  I purchased 2 packages of these meal prep containers on Amazon, and each package has 20 containers, so I have 40 of them total :)  They are stacked into 2 neat towers in my cabinets – one tower of lids and another of the containers themselves.

storing leftovers in the meal prep containers

Perfect Meal Prep Container Size

If your cabinets are a mess because they are stuffed with different size containers and their lids and you get irritated every time trying to find a matching lid of a random container, you can end this misery like I did! Just get rid of all the old junky containers and get these meal prep containers on Amazon that are all the same size :)

This is a perfect size for prepping your meals and storing leftovers.  You won’t need to make any decisions about which container to choose – this is truly one size fits all!

I really like the fact that these containers are a single compartment.  I’ve tried the multi-compartment “bento-style” containers in the past and found them too confining.  I like to keep it simple and these simple meal prep containers work best for me!

chicken meal prep

These Meal Prep Containers Are Microwavable

Want to quickly reheat your leftovers? No need to transfer them into another dish! These these meal prep containers are microwavable, just stick it in a microwave and eat straight out of the container.  The fewer dishes to wash, the better :)

meal prep container with lid

These Meal Prep Containers Are BPA Free

No need to worry about the BPA chemicals leaching into your food as these are BPA-Free containers!

These Meal Prep Containers Are Dishwasher Safe

I put these meal prep containers in the dishwasher all the time, they last through hundreds of washes! I just put the containers and lids on the top rack of the dishwasher and they come out perfectly clean and ready to be reused.

meal prep containers

These Meal Prep Containers Are Freezer Safe

Make your own frozen dinners by freezing your meal in these meal prep containers!  Defrost it in the refrigerator overnight or in a microwave on a defrost setting.

meal prep containers in the refrigerator

These Meal Prep Containers Are Space Efficient

Since they are a rectangle size and are all the same size, you can truly fit a lot of them in your refrigerator and freezer! Round shape containers waste a lot of space around the sides, and with rectangle the space is maximized.  No wasting space trying to fit mismatched size containers together like a puzzle – just stack these meal prep containers on top of each other to fill your fridge and freezer shelves with deliciousness.

Easy Meal Prep Recipes

Any recipe can be turned into a meal prep recipe. Since most recipes make 4 servings, just make the recipe and divide it between 4 meal prep containers :)

I do have a growing collection of recipes that are specifically made for meal prep – click to browse my meal prep recipes.

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