How To Make Tuna Salad Recipe

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tuna salad in a bowl

Tuna salad recipe is very easy and needs just 3 ingredients – tuna, egg and mayo.  I always have some canned tuna in my pantry, so if I don’t know what to make for lunch, I can quickly make a tuna salad.

You can eat tuna salad by itself, wrap it in a tortilla for a tuna salad wrap, or put it between two slices of bread to make a tuna salad sandwich.  Tuna salad sandwich is my favorite way to eat a tuna salad :)

Ingredients For A Tuna Salad:

1 small can of tuna
2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
3 tbsp of mayo

Directions How To Make Tuna Salad:

Open the tuna and drain the liquid.  Put the tuna in a bowl.  Add the hard-boiled eggs to the tuna.  Mash the eggs and tuna with a fork.  Add the mayo and mix.  That’s all there is to it :)

Tuna salad tastes best cold from the refrigerator. If you can, make the tuna salad an hour ahead and refrigerate.  Enjoy this super-easy tuna salad!

Don’t you want to bite into this tuna salad sandwich?
tuna salad sandwich picture

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  1. If you add too much mayo, add some bread crumbs to absorb the extra mayo. I found out about this from a deli owner in Jersey City, New Jersey, years ago when I was there to shut his electricity off for non payment of his utility bill. It also adds bulk to the tuna so that more sandwiches can be made from each can of tuna.

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