Air Fryer Frozen Fish Sticks

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If you love fast and easy meals, then you might need to try these frozen fish sticks in the air fryer! These fish sticks are perfectly cooked and oh so crispy straight out of the air fryer. The perfect quick lunch that everyone will enjoy, especially the kids!

Air Fryer Frozen Fish Sticks

Frozen Fish Sticks in the Air Fryer

If you know me, you know that I love all things crispy and crunchy, and I can’t stand soggy fish sticks! Now that I cook with my air fryer, I never have an issue with soggy foods anymore. I can make any kind of frozen food nice and crispy, and no one would suspect that it wasn’t freshly made at home!

These crispy fish sticks would be delicious if served alongside these air fryer potato fries! They can be easily added to a meal as a side dish or used as the main dish with plenty of other side options.

This is the perfect dish for picky eaters or for when you just don’t have time to cook anything fresh to eat during a busy week.

fish sticks on a white plate

These are my favorite kinds of meals! The kind of meal that you can dump into the air fryer for a few minutes with no extra work required! It just doesn’t get any easier than that.

Even if you don’t think that you like frozen fish sticks, you should still try this recipe for yourself. You might change your opinion once you see how deliciously crispy these fish sticks are! They are just as good as the kind you would get in any restaurant.

a box of breaded fish sticks

How To Make Air Fryer Frozen Fish Sticks

To make these frozen fish sticks in the air fryer, start by spraying your air fryer basket with non-stick cooking spray.

Put down a single layer of the fish sticks in the basket, making sure to not overcrowd them.

cooking fish sticks in an air fryer

Cook the frozen fish sticks at 400F for 9 minutes.

frozen fish sticks in the air fryer

Serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!

fish sticks in air fryer

Cooking Tips:

  • Be careful not to overcrowd the fish sticks. If you need more fish sticks, you can cook them in batches to avoid overcrowding.
  • No defrosting is necessary, you can cook the fish sticks straight out of the freezer!
  • For extra flavor, you could add some seasonings to the fish sticks before cooking.

air fried frozen fish sticks

What To Serve with Air Fried Fish Sticks

These frozen fish sticks in the air fryer are good enough to eat just on their own, but they can easily be made into a more filling meal.

a plate full of fish sticks

These potato skins would pair amazingly with these fish sticks as well as this air fryer seafood medley mix.

You could also serve your fish sticks with a simple side of your favorite dipping sauce for extra flavor!

eating a fish stick with hands

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Air Fryer Frozen Fish Sticks

These air fryer fish sticks are amazing! Just put frozen fish sticks in the air fryer and it will cook it to perfection! Air fried fish sticks are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside - so easy to make and so delicious!
Cook Time9 minutes
Total Time9 minutes
Course: Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: fish sticks
Cooking Method: Air Fryer
Servings: 4

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  • 1 lb frozen fish sticks

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  • Spray the air fryer basket with a non-stick cooking spray. Put frozen fish sticks in the air fryer basket in a single layer.
  • Cook frozen fish sticks in the air fryer at 400F for 9 minutes.


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  1. Melanie, have you or any of your readers made frozen fish filets in an air fryer? The ones in a bag in the frozen food section, Gorton’s, Mrs. Paul’s, etc. I’m guessing I can use this recipe and cook for maybe 3-4 minutes longer? Thanks for helping.

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