stuffed meatloaf with egg, green beans and couscous

Dinner Of Stuffed Meatloaf With Egg, Green Beans And Couscous

stuffed meatloaf with egg, green beans and couscous

This tasty dinner has stuffed meatloaf with egg as a main dish, Middle Eastern couscous as a side dish and green beans as a vegetable.   Everything is easy to make, healthy and tasty!

Recipe For Stuffed Meatloaf With Egg

how to make a meatloaf stuffed with eggs

This meatloaf has hardboiled eggs baked inside the meat.  When you cut this meatloaf into slices, the slices will have the egg surprise inside!  Making stuffed meatloaf is easy – just boil the eggs first, peel the eggs, put them inside the meatloaf mixture and bake.   Please see the detailed recipe for stuffed meatloaf with egg.

Middle Eastern Couscous (Maftoul Baladi)

ziyad couscous

This Middle Eastern Couscous (also known as “Maftoul Baladi”) as actually packaged.  The couscous brand is Ziyad, and this particular packaged couscous is instant – it is ready in a microwave in 2 minutes!  This Middle Eastern Couscous is mixed with chickpeas, spices and tomato sauce.  Follow the link to learn more about Maftoul Baladi couscous.

Microwave Green Beans Recipe

microwaving green beans

These delicious healthy green beans are cooked in a couple of minutes in the microwave!  Microwave is the easiest way to cook green beans, and it preserves their nutrients so they don’t end up in cooking water!  When you learn this super easy way of making green beans, you’ll be making them really often – check out how to cook green beans in the microwave.

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