philippine dried coconut

Philippine Dried Young Coconut Chips At Costco

If you like coconut, you will love this dried coconut by Philippine brand! I love coconut flakes and candies that have…
dried mandarine oranges fruit slices

Dried Orange Slices – Dry Mandarin Oranges From Costco

Dried orange slices are extremely tasty.  They have such concentrated orange taste!  If you like citrus, you will love…
kirkland roasted seaweed snacks costco

Kirkland Roasted Seaweed – Dried Seaweed Snacks From Costco

I love roasted seaweed snacks!  Small thin pieces of dried seaweed are so addictive!  Dried roasted seaweed is low…
veggie snacks chips costco package

Veggie Chips And Veggie Straws – Healthy Veggie Snacks At Costco

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to potato chips, head over to Costco and buy the Veggie Chips!  Costco…
costco dried apricots package

Dried Apricots From Costco

Dried apricots are very tasty and make an excellent healthy snack.  Dried apricots are fat-free and are loaded with…
fiber one 90 calorie chocolate chip cookie brownie

Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

I love the original Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownies and I always buy them in bulk at Costco.  On my last…
pillippine dried mangoes costco package

Philippine Dried Mangoes From Costco

Have you ever tried dried mangoes?  They are so good!  Dried mangoes are sold in same isle as dried appricots and other…
costco pomegranate pistachios

Pomegranate Pistachios From Costco

Pistachio nuts usually come with their shells on (I often buy regular pistachios at Costco), but this pistachio nut mix…
costco craisins package

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries At Costco

Costco is a great place to buy craisins.  Craisins are like raisins, except raisins are dried grapes and craisins are…
special k chocolatey pretzel bar wrapper

Kellog’s Special K Chocolate Pretzel 90 Calorie Bar

A chocolate pretzel bar doesn't sound like a typical healthy snack, but surprisingly this Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey…