costco pomegranate pistachios

Pomegranate Pistachios From Costco

Pistachio nuts usually come with their shells on (I often buy regular pistachios at Costco), but this pistachio nut mix…
costco craisins package

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries At Costco

Costco is a great place to buy craisins.  Craisins are like raisins, except raisins are dried grapes and craisins are…
special k chocolatey pretzel bar wrapper

Kellog's Special K Chocolate Pretzel 90 Calorie Bar

A chocolate pretzel bar doesn't sound like a typical healthy snack, but surprisingly this Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey…
planters nut snack mix nuts on a plate

Planters Nuts Snacks Heart Healthy Mix

I really like nuts, and packaged nut snacks is a great way to take a nut snack with you and to control your portion. …
dried apple slices from costco

Dried Apple Slices From Costco

I bought these yummy dried apple slices at Costco, and they are so good!  These dried apple slices are a perfect snack…
fiber one 90 calorie brownie with a cup of coffee

Healthy Treat Of 90 Calorie Brownie With A Cup Of Coffee

I recently posted about indulging in cake with coffee for breakfast.  Well, if I had cake for breakfast every day, I'd…
bowl of fresh blueberries

Bowl Of Fresh Blueberries For A Snack

I love having a bowl of blueberries for a snack.  The blueberries are very tasty berries that are loaded with anti-oxidants. The…
Candied Pecans Parchment Paper

Homemade Candied Nuts Recipe (Pecans, Walnuts or Almonds)

Homemade candied nuts are so addictive!  If you taste them, you just won't be able to stop eating them :)  You can eat…
matzo cracker spread with jam on a plate

Matzo Crackers Spread With Jam

I was looking for a tasty snack the other day.  I just wanted something different :)  Than I saw an opened box of matzo…
a handful of dried cranberries and nuts

Dried Cranberries And Nuts For A Snack

When I'm hungry between meals, my favorite go-to snack is dried cranberries and nuts. Dried cranberries with nuts is…