fiber one 90 calorie brownie with a cup of coffee

Healthy Treat Of 90 Calorie Brownie With A Cup Of Coffee

I recently posted about indulging in cake with coffee for breakfast.  Well, if I had cake for breakfast every day, I'd…
nonstick double griddle pan

Cooking With Double Griddle Pan Over Two Burners

If you are cooking for a big family, having a double griddle is a huge time saver.  Having to wait for one batch of…
cottage cheese with raspberries peaches and walnuts

Cottage Cheese With Raspberries, Peaches And Walnuts

Here's a very healthy and delicious bowl of cottage cheese with raspberries, peaches and walnuts - very colorful…
cucumber spears

Simple Cucumber Spears

You can make many fancy salads that use cucumbers, but if you don't have the time to make a cucumber salad, you can serve…
pinstripes bowling

Pinstripes Bowling Restaurant Review - Northbrook, Chicago suburbs

Pinstripes is my favorite place to go bowling in Chicago suburbs - it's a very clean and upscale place for bowling, bocce…
How To Make Alfredo Sauce From Scratch

Easy Pasta With Homemade Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Pasta with alfredo sauce is a very easy vegetarian main dish.  Making your own alfredo sauce from scratch is very easy. …
outside of Lou Malnatis restaurant

Lou Malnati's Pizza Restaurant Review - Chicago And Suburbs

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is a great Italian restaurant.  Their specialty is pizza, and in addition to pizza they also…
wildfire turkey burger

Dinner At Wildfire Restaurant - Glenview, Chicago suburbs

Wildfire is a great American restaurant that we really like.  We eat at Wildfire restaurant very often, and here are some…
roasted seaweed Costco package

JayOne Roasted Seaweed Snacks From Costco

In Costco, I bought these roasted seaweed snacks, and they are really yummy!  The brand of roasted seaweed is JayOne,…
a slice of chocolate truffle cake on a plate and a cup of coffee

Chocolate Truffle Cake And A Cup Of Coffee For Breakfast

Cake for breakfast?  Even though I try to eat healthy most of the time, I occasionally indulge in a breakfast that consists…