cottage cheese with peach and walnuts

Cottage Cheese With Peach And Walnuts

Cottage cheese with fruits and walnuts is one of my breakfast staples.  It is very easy to put together, yummy,…

Do You Need To Rinse Quinoa Before Cooking?

On package directions for cooking quinoa, it usually says to rinse quinoa before cooking.  So do you need to rinse quinoa…
omelette with feta cheese

How To Make A Feta Cheese Omelette

A typical cheese omelette has common shredded cheeses in it, such as cheddar, mozarella or monterey jack cheese. …
how to make portobello pizza

Portobello Mushroom Pizza Recipe

Who says that pizza has to have a crust made out of dough? For a different twist on pizza, try this portobello mushroom…
original wisconsin dells fudge in a package

Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge

"Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge" is a fudge store in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  On a recent trip to Wisconsin Dells, I stopped…
chipotle kids menu cheese quesadillas

Chipotle Kids Menu

I really like to eat at Chipotle.  In fact, it is my favorite fast food restaurant (check out my review of Chipotle…
cooked quinoa

How To Cook Quinoa On The Stove

Quinoa is a very healthy and tasty grain.  Quinoa is much healthier than white rice or couscous.  Give quinoa a try…
how to make crockpot chicken onion stew

How To Make Chicken Onion Stew In A Slowcooker

This chicken onion stew recipe is made in a slow cooker and it uses only 3 ingredients.  No pre-cooking of any kind…
banana, blueberry and peach slices in a blender for a smoothie

Banana, Blueberry And Peach Breakfast Smoothie

Are you stuck in a breakfast rut? Here's a fresh no-cook breakfast idea for you: banana, blueberry and peach smoothie! …
How to make fried pineapple

Pan-Fried Pineapple Recipe

The most common way to eat a pineapple is as a plain cut-up fruit.  Pineapple is sweet, juicy and refreshing and…