How To Make Chicken Quesadillas

Dinner Of Chicken Quesadillas And Grand Parisian Salad

dinner idea chicken quesadillas green salad

This yummy dinner is made in just 10 minutes from start to finish!  For the chicken quesadillas, I’m using leftover rotisserie chicken. The quesadillas are assembled and cooked in under 5 minutes – talk about a quick recipe!  The green salad is from the package lettuce mix called “Grand Parisian Salad” – just open and toss 🙂

Easy Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

easy chicken quesadillas recipe

To make a chicken quesadilla, you need 3 things: flour tortilla, finely chopped cooked chicken and shredded cheese.  If you don’t have any leftover chicken, you can use canned chicken or quickly cook a chicken breast – individually frozen chicken breasts are perfect for this.  Making a quesadilla is a snap – heat the frying pan, put the shredded cheese on half of a quesadilla, top with chopped chicken, then top with more cheese and fold – cook on both sides for 2 minutes and you are done!  For detailed recipe and directions, see my recipe for chicken and cheese quesadilla.

Grand Parisian Salad Mix From Costco

grand parisian lettuce mix

This salad kit is a great time saver!  Inside the Grand Parisian Salad mix are the fancy lettuces, dried cranberries, crumbled feta cheese, almonds and very tasty dressing!  This salad is a great bargain at Costco, and it’s so yummy and healthy.  When making great salads is so easy, you end up eating more of the healthy greens!  See my page about Ready Pac Grand Parisian Salad Mix.

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