marinated sweet red bell peppers on a sandwich

Grilled Turkey And Cheese Sandwich With Roasted Marinated Red Peppers

There are many thing you can do with roasted marinated sweet red peppers.  You can eat them plain and also add them to salads,…
sliced challah photo

How To Make Cheese Panini Sandwich With Challah Bread

What's better than a warm crispy grilled cheese panini sandwich?  A cheese panini made with challah bread! Challah is…
how to make chicken salad sandwich

How To Make A Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad sandwich makes a great lunch!  Chicken salad sandwich is never dry - the chicken salad inside makes it…
grilled cheese panini sandwich picture

Grilled Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Hot melted yellow cheese oozing out of crispy warm sandwich with beautiful grill marks!  Imagine biting into this grilled…
grilled fish panini sandwich

Fish Panini Sandwich Recipe

Do you have leftover fish from last night's dinner?  Is there not enough fish for another dinner?  The small fish portion…
turkey and cheese panini sandwich

Turkey And Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Panini press transforms an ordinary boring sandwich into a warm, grilled and crispy creation!  Grill marks on the outside…
turkey burger

Turkey Cheeseburger On Brioche Bun

The key to a mega-successful turkey burger is a great rich bread.  When the burger is made out of beef, the meat is…

Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Chicken salad sandwich is my favorite way to use up leftover chicken.  Whenever we have roast chicken for dinner, the…