Easy Fish Tacos Recipe With Mango Salsa

Easy Fish Tacos Recipe With Mango Salsa

These mouthwatering easy fish tacos have spicy lime-marinated slices of pan-fried fish inside the tortillas, topped with…
How To Make Taco Salad

Easy Taco Salad Recipe In Crunchy Taco Shell Bowls

This easy taco salad recipe has all your mouthwatering taco fixin's in a salad form - healthy and delicious! Seasoned ground…
Cinco De Mayo Celebration - Mexican Recipes And Party Food Ideas! #cincodemayo #party #mexican

Cinco De Mayo Recipes & Mexican Celebration Party Food Ideas

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican celebration held on May 5 (after all, "Cinco" is 5 and "Mayo" is May in Spanish).  Cinco…
How To Make Crunchy Baked Tortilla Bowls For Taco Salad

How To Make Tortilla Taco Shell Bowls Step By Step

These edible taco shell bowls make a perfect serving bowl for a taco salad!  Flour tortillas are baked in the oven to form…
Crockpot Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

Easy Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup Crock-Pot 5-Ingredient Recipe

Mexican chicken tortilla soup is a very filling tomato-based soup with shredded chicken, corn and beans.  It's called…
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Chunky Guacamole Avocado Dip Recipe With Tomatoes

I love avocados and guacamole!  I can eat the whole bowl of guacamole dip by myself :)  It's so fun dipping the…
Mexican Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

Mexican Lasagna Recipe

This Mexican-style lasagna recipe uses flour tortillas instead of pasta!  This combination of Mexican flavors is so…
Mexican Cheese Chili Rellenos Recipe

Easy Stuffed Chili Rellenos Recipe Using Canned Green Chilies

Chili Rellenos is a very popular Mexican dish of poblano chili peppers stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg, fried…
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Chili Con Carne Recipe With Ground Beef Or Turkey

Chili con carne is a very easy chili recipe that consists of ground meat, beans, onions, tomatoes, garlic and spices. …
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How To Make Quesadillas With Turkey And Cheese

The most common kind of quesadilla is the cheese quesadilla, where the shredded cheese goes inside the tortilla that…