homemade gefilte fish

How To Make Homemade Gefilte Fish

Gefilte fish is one of the most famous traditional Jewish recipes.  Classic gefilte fish is made out of the fish…
how to make healthy grilled salmon salad

Grilled Salmon Salad Recipe

If you are looking for a healthy lunch or dinner, grilled salmon salad is a perfect choice!   Grilled or pan-fried salmon…

Pan Fried Sole Fish Fillet Recipe

Sole is a very mild tasting and tender fish.  Sole fish fillets are very thin, so they flake and break very easily.…
easy simple white fish recipe

Easy Simple White Fish Recipe

White fish is my one of my favorite kinds of fish.  It has a mild taste that's not overbearing.  It has a tender delicate…
picture of crispy breaded fish fillet on a plate

How To Make Crispy Breaded Fish Recipe

Crispy breaded fish recipe is very easy to make and very tasty.  Tender succulent fish fillet with a golden crispy crust…
Egg an Flour Pan Fried Fish Recipe

Pan Fried Fish Coated In Egg And Flour Recipe

This recipe makes pan fried fish with a beautiful golden-brown coating.  Making this yummy fish is really easy! Fish fillets…
salmon shepherd's pie with green peas

Canned Salmon Shepherd's Pie Recipe

This Canned Salmon Shepherd's Pie Recipe uses the ingredients that are already in my pantry most of the time.  It's…
how to make salmon teriyaki

How To Make Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki is a very tasty salmon recipe.  Salmon fillet is marinated in teriyaki sauce, and then cooked in the frying…
grilled fish panini sandwich

Fish Panini Sandwich Recipe

Do you have leftover fish from last night's dinner?  Is there not enough fish for another dinner?  The small fish portion…
Tinned Salmon Fishcakes Recipe

Salmon Fishcakes Recipe Made With Canned Salmon

Salmon fishcakes look very impressive, and all ingredients for these salmon fishcakes recipe are found in the pantry! …