healthy dinner turkey meatballs broccoli

Healthy Dinner Of Turkey Meatballs With Whole Wheat Pasta And Broccoli

healthy dinner turkey meatballs broccoli

This dinner has a healthy version of traditional comfort foods – pasta and meatballs.  The meatballs are made out of lean turkey meat, and the pasta is whole wheat.  Pasta and meatballs are served with the side of yummy roasted broccoli!

Turkey Meatballs

healthy turkey meatballs

This turkey meatballs recipe is very easy.  Ground turkey meat is mixed with minced onion, shaped into balls, quickly pan fried and then simmered with the jarred tomato sauce.  Please see my complete recipe for healthy turkey meatballs.

Whole Wheat Pasta

pasta barilla box

The whole wheat pasta that I used is the Whole Grain Pasta Barilla.  Barilla makes whole wheat pasta that tastes great!  I buy mine at Costco, read more about Whole Wheat Pasta Barilla At Costco.

Roasted Broccoli

healthy roasted broccoli

Roasting is my favorite way of cooking broccoli – it’s the easiest way to cook it, preserves the most nutrition, and also the tastiest!  Broccoli is tossed with a little olive oil, then baked in a hot oven.  Please see my complete recipe how to make roasted broccoli.

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