My Hanukkah Latkes Recipe Published In A Newspaper

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Latkes (potato pancakes) are traditionally made for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.  I was really exciting to have my foolproof latkes recipe published in the local newspaper The Northbrook Tower!

Below is the picture of the yummy potato pancakes:

hanukkah latkes recipe

Here’s the scanned copy of the newspaper article with my latkes recipe in it.  To make it larger, click on the image so it opens by itself in a browser, then click inside it to zoom in.  This latkes recipe was originally posted on my site here: easy Hanukkah latkes recipe.

potato pancakes latkes recipe in the newspaper

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  1. Melanie the newsprint is too small for me to read on my computer.
    Is it possible to get your recipe some other way please.
    Thank you Liliana

  2. Hi Liliana,
    I just updated the page to link to the full size image of the newspaper scan. Just click on the newspaper image and it will open the full size version. The web browser minimizes it automatically, so you’ll need to click inside it again to zoom in. You can also print it :)

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