Hanukkah Cutout Sugar Cookies Recipe

Hanukkah Cutout Sugar Cookies Recipe

These delicious Hanukkah cookies will be the highlight of every Hanukkah party!  So buttery and tender, these colorful Hanukkah…
Easy Potato Pancakes Recipe - Best Ever Jewish Latkes!

Homemade Potato Pancakes Recipe - Authentic Jewish Latkes, Best Ever!

These homemade potato pancakes are so crispy and delicious! These authentic Jewish potato pancakes a.k.a. latkes are simply…
Soft Homemade Challah Bread Recipe

Homemade Challah Bread Recipe - Best Ever Soft Jewish Challah!

This homemade challah bread is better than the one from a Jewish bakery!  Follow this recipe to make the best challah ever! This…
Best Hamantaschen Recipe

Easy Hamantaschen Jewish Purim Cookies Step-By-Step Recipe

This is the easiest Hamantaschen recipe you'll ever find!  These classic Jewish Hamantaschen triangle cookies are simply…

Israeli Salad Recipe With Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions and Parsley

This authentic Israeli salad is made with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and parsley, and dressed with the extra-virgin…
Matzo Meal Banana Bread Recipe - Perfect Passover Dessert!

Matzo Meal Banana Bread Passover Recipe

This matzo meal banana bread is moist, sweet and full of banana flavor!  Loaded with chocolate chips, it makes a perfect…

Easy Matzo Ball Soup Recipe Anyone Can Make

This is the easiest recipe for Matzo ball soup that you will ever find.  Even a beginner can make this Jewish matzo ball…
matzah babka recipe

Matzah Babka Recipe

Matzah Babka is a giant pancake made out of matzah.  The recipe for Matzah Babka is similar to Matzah Brie, except…
matzah kugel babka recipe

Savory Matzah Kugel Recipe

This savory matzah kugel is a traditional Jewish recipe, usually made for the Jewish holiday of Passover.  It is…
passover recipes and menu ideas

Passover Seder Recipes And Menu Ideas

The Jewish holiday of Passover in 2013 begins in the evening (at sunset) of March 25 and ends in the evening (at sunset)…