package of cornbread stuffing mix

Making Cornbread Stuffing Using Packaged Stuffing Mix

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package of cornbread stuffing mix

When it comes to making stuffing for the Thanksgiving table, I take a shortcut of using a packaged stuffing mix. My favorite kind of stuffing is cornbread.

Last year I used the Kraft brand of cornbread stuffing mix that’s pictured above.  Here are the package directions for Kraft cornbread stovetop stuffing mix: bring 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/4 cup of vegetable spread to a boil, then add the stuffing mix, stir, cover and remove from heat.  In 5 minutes, it will be ready!

I make one change to the package directions of the stuffing mix: I add butter instead of a vegetable spread.  Butter tastes so much better and doesn’t have trans fats!

Making stuffing from the package is easy enough, but I go even further by taking another shortcut: I make it ahead!  Yes, I’m that lazy :) I just don’t want to fumble with the stuffing while the guests are sitting there.  What I do is make the stuffing the morning of Thanksgiving, then keep it on “Warm” setting in the slow cooker.  It makes absolutely no difference in the taste.

I don’t stuff the turkey, so stuffing is a separate dish.  I make turkey using an outstanding foolproof no-baste roast turkey recipe.  This recipe is very unique – it uses brown paper grocery shopping bag!  It makes the best turkey I’ve ever tasted, and the easiest too.  If you like tasty turkey with no effort, you must check that recipe out!

Another lazy person’s holiday side dish is make-ahead mashed potatoes.  They can be made several days ahead, and they are so good!

Also, stuffing is not just for the holiday turkey.  You can make stuffing as a side dish on regular days.  Using packaged stuffing is so easy, it makes an instant side dish on busy nights.  Get out of your side dish rut! I always keep a box of packaged stuffing in my pantry.  When I’m tired of the usual side dishes and am short on time, packaged stuffing saves the day :)

Here’s a picture of cornbread stuffing just made on the stove:

cornbread stuffing in a pot

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10 replies
  1. Tina@flourtrader
    Tina@flourtrader says:

    The best thing about this post is the tip on keeping it warm in the crock pot. One year I did have guests that were delayed due to the weather and not all the food was as good 3 hours later! At least now I know my stuffing will be okay. Thanks Melanie.

  2. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    I totally agree about the packaged cornbread mix! However – I also add the traditional chopped vegetables (onions, celery, green pepper – AKA the Cajun cooking “holy trinity”) for an even more homemade taste. Where I live Kroger has these already chopped up (frozen) so I keep this mix on hand at all times for all kinds of dishes (inc. meatloaf and stuffed peppers). Lazy yes but also practical since I don’t waste unused pieces of peppers and onions – and they’re ready in an instant!

  3. Francy
    Francy says:

    I am a fan of stove top and anything to make it easier. In my family we add bacon to the stuffing (dressing) and an easy way to get that flavor is to use reserved bacon drippings as part of the fat that goes in it and chopped up pre-cooked bacon. Yum!


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