mince garlic with box grater

How To Mince Garlic The Easy Way By Using A Box Grater

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mince garlic with box grater

Do you hate using a garlic press to mince garlic? Does your garlic just get squashed and stuck in the garlic press?  Do you use stale-tasting garlic powder instead of fresh minced garlic because you are too lazy to mince garlic?

Look no further – here is an easy way to mince garlic.  Use the box grater!  Mincing garlic with a box grater is much easier than using a garlic press.

To mince garlic with a box grater, use the side of the box with the small holes (but not the tiniest ones).  The side that you need to use is shown on this photo.

Place the box grater on the cutting board.  Peel the garlic and hold the garlic clove by its very end with your thumb and pointer finger.  Rub the garlic clove on the box grater up and down.  Be careful not to scratch your fingers!  The fingers part sounds scary, but when you get used to using a box grater, it’s not really an issue – just make sure you are holding the garlic clove by its end.  Discard the end.

Some of the minced garlic will be on the cutting board, and some inside the box grater.  Get the garlic that’s inside with your hand.  Your minced garlic is ready!  The description of mincing garlic with a box grater looks long, but it fact it’s extremely quick – it takes less time to mince the garlic with a box grater than to read this article :)

Wash the box grater right away – don’t wait till the garlic dries and gets stuck to it.  It’s very easy to wash the box grater – just rinse it under warm running water with a sponge with dish soap.

Spice up your recipes with a freshly minced garlic!

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