whole foods mini pancakes package

Organic Whole Wheat Mini Pancakes From Whole Foods

Kids love mini pancakes, and when these pancakes are made with whole wheat, that makes a healthy nutritious breakfast.…
microwaweable pouch of eggo mini pancakes from costco

Eggo Mini Pancakes At Costco

I bought these Eggo Mini Pancakes at Costco, and the kids really loved them!  Eggo Mini pancakes are very small, about…
cottage cheese with raisins and walnuts

Cottage Cheese Breakfast With Raisins And Walnuts

If you are looking for healthy and nutritious breakfast ideas, try low fat cottage cheese with raisins and walnuts.  …
a slice of chocolate truffle cake on a plate and a cup of coffee

Chocolate Truffle Cake And A Cup Of Coffee For Breakfast

Cake for breakfast?  Even though I try to eat healthy most of the time, I occasionally indulge in a breakfast that consists…
cottage cheese with pear and walnuts

Cottage Cheese With Pear And Walnuts

Pears and cottage cheese go great together.  Ripe and sweet pear naturally sweetens the cottage cheese.  Cottage…

Waffles With Jam For Breakfast

I often have waffles for breakfast - the store-bought frozen kind that you pop in a toaster.  I have 2 breakfast staples…
waffle spread with nutella

Waffles With Nutella For Breakfast

Here's instant breakfast that's delicious: waffles with Nutella! Waffles spread with Nutella taste heavenly.  I use…