how to store beets

How To Store Beets

Raw beets can stay fresh for a long time if you store them properly.  So how do you store beets?  Do you keep beets…
spatula and cooking meat

Spatula And Raw Meat - Food Safety

When people think of spatulas, food safety issues don't usually come to mind.  Even those who are generally paranoid…
baked turkey legs

How To Make Baked Turkey Legs

Baked turkey legs is a great alternative to roasting the whole turkey!  Turkey legs are meaty, juicy and succulent -…
packing a lunch box for school

How To Pack A School Lunch Box For Kids

When packing a school lunch box for kids, you need to put the following things in a lunch box:1) Main lunch mealThis…
frozen sweet potato fries

Sweet Potato Fries From Costco - Crispy Oven Baked Fries

I'm pretty indifferent to regular fries, but I really like sweet potato fries.  I know how to make sweet potato fries…
3 region blend coffee from starbucks

Don't Like Tofu?

If you don't like tofu, you are not alone.  Tofu is disliked by almost everybody I know, including yours truly 🙂Are…
simple salad with lettuce leaves and tomatoes

Simple Salad With Lettuce Leaves And Tomatoes

Can you say "Summer"? Can you say "Healthy"? Can you say "Crisp"? Can you say "Colorful"? Can you say "Bright"? Can you say…
stir crazy ahi tuna and avocado poke picture

Stir Crazy Restaurant Review (Northbook, Chicago Suburbs)

Stir Crazy Restaurant in Northbrook is located inside the Northbrook Court Mall.  Despite it being a chain restaurant in…
grilled cheese panini sandwich picture

Grilled Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Hot melted yellow cheese oozing out of crispy warm sandwich with beautiful grill marks!  Imagine biting into this grilled…
3 region blend coffee from starbucks

3 Region Blend Coffee From Starbucks

I went to Starbucks to pick up some coffee beans and came across an attractive small package of coffee: Three Region…