case of costco peaches

Costco Peaches

case of costco peaches

During the summer season, Costco sells excellent peaches.  Costco peaches are large, juicy and sweet.  These peaches from Costco look perfect and taste perfect.

Costco sells peaches by the case – the top photo is the box of peaches from Costco.  At the store those peaches are rock hard, but don’t let it stop you from buying Costco peaches – they ripen in a few days on the counter.  In fact, once I saw a lady walk around the cases of peaches at Costco, feeling the peaches, and then she asked me if I know if they’ll ever be ready to eat! She saw that I had 2 boxes of Costco peaches at the bottom of my shopping cart, so she figured I must know something about those peaches 🙂

When you get the box of Costco peaches home and the peaches are very hard, just put this box of peaches on the counter.  Check on the peaches every day by gently squeezing the sides of the peach.  When the peach is no longer hard, it is ready to eat!  The peaches go from rock-hard to ripe in less than a week, most often in 2-3 days.

When you are at Costco and see the peaches, get them – Costco peaches are high quality and a good buy!

Peaches are so tasty just as is, but if you have so many peaches and you want to make something with them, I suggest you make the upside-down peach cake!

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