bag of organic apple slices from costco

Costco Organic Apple Slices

bag of organic apple slices from costco

Costco organic apples slices are a perfect healthy snack that’s super convenient.  With the packaged apple slices, you don’t have to wash and cut the apple, plus you don’t have to worry about the apple slices turning brown.

Packaged Costco apple slies are called Organic Crunch Pak Sweet Apple Slices.  There are 8 individual bags of apple slices (6 oz each) inside a large Costco box.  The apple slices are washed and ready to eat!

Here’s the nutritional information for Costco organic apple slices – each bag of apple slices has 90 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium, 22 g of total carbohydrate, 2 g of fiber, 380% of daily value of vitamin C and 10% of daily value of calcium.  The ingredients are organic apples and a blend of calcium and vitamin C (to keep the apples from turning brown).

What I love about these Costco apple slices is that these are tasty high quality apples!  I’ve tried other brands of apple slices that used inferior apples.  These Crunch Pak organic apples are very tasty, they are as good as regular whole organic apples!  These apple slices have to be stored in a refrigerator, and they will stay fresh for a week.

If you are struggling with getting kids to eat apples, you must try these apples slices – the kids love them!  Organic apples slices are the best snack ever to pack in kids lunchboxes – healthy, tasty and convenient.  And these yummy apple slices are not just for kids – the adults, myself included, love them too 🙂

Here’s the picture of the whole Costco package of Organic Crunch Pak Sweet Apple Slices:

costco package crunch pak organic apple slices

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for this post. I really like these apple packs too! So convenient and delicious! Do you happen to have more info on the ingredients that keep them from browning? Is it safe to consume them, I know it’s asorbic acid and calcium but I heard from a friend that it may be not-so-great. Any advice on that?

    Appreciate it!


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