How To Get Your Kids To Eat Apples

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Apples are naturally sweet and crunchy, which makes them child-approved food.  Does your child not like apples?  Are you trying to get your kids to eat more apples?  Here’s what you can do to get your kids to like apples and to eat more of this healthy fruit.

First of all, buy sweet apples.  Most kids won’t eat the sour apples like Granny Smiths.  I like to buy Red Delicious variety of apples, as they tend to be really sweet and juicy.  Also, most red large apples tend to be pretty sweet.  I’ve not a big fan of the yellow apples as for some reason they often have mushy texture.  Try an apple – if you think it’s a great tasting apple, chances are your kids will like it too.  If you think the apple is so-so, don’t count on the picky kids liking that apple either.

Now here’s the most important key to getting your kids to eat apples: peel the apples, cut them into slices and give them to your kids for a snack.  Nobody is going to take the whole apple from the fruit basket and eat it randomly.  If you don’t cut the apples into slices, the apples will just rot untouched.

Peeled fresh apples slices = apples get eaten.

Too lazy to peel and slice the apples = nobody eats apples.

Yes, it’s that simple :)

Freshly cut apple slices are best.  However, it is also possible to prepare apple slices in advance and refrigerate them in the snack-size plastic containers.  You are probably thinking – “but the apple slices will turn brown when stored”!  Not if you use my trick – just follow the link how to keep apple slices from turning brown.

With my strategy for keeping the apple slices from browning, the apple slices will keep in the refrigerator for several days without changing their color.  Their taste will also be pretty close to freshly sliced!

If you are buying apples for serving in slices, buy large apples – not small apples.  Large apples produce a lot of slices with less work!  Small apples don’t yield that many slices (since the peel and core is discarded), which means you have to peel more apples for the same number of slices.  Large apples are great for slicing.

To sum it up, buy good big apples and serve them in the form of peeled apple slices – and your kids will eat lots of healthy apples!

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