Sam Choy’s Yakisoba Noodles From Costco

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On my recent trip to Costco, I bought the frozen Yakisoba Noodles. The brand of these Yakisoba Noodles is Sam Choy’s, and the Costco package contains 6 packs of Yakisoba, 9 oz each.

Sam Choy's Yakisoba Noodles Costco Package

What exactly are Yakisoba Noodles? According to the package, “Yakisoba is Japanese stir fried noodles with crispy vegetables and savory sauce”.  That sounds really tasty, and these packaged Yakisoba noodles turned out to be very tasty indeed!

Note that I’m not a big fan of frozen dinners.  There are very few frozen dinners that I will eat.  I did like these Sam Choy’s Yakisoba, and I will be buying them at Costco again!

Inside the Costco package, there are 6 packs of Yakisoba packaged in plastic, and they look like this:

Yakisoba noodles frozen in bag

To cook these Yakisoba noodles in a microwave, you need to remove them from plastic, put them in a microwave and cook on High for 3 minutes.

You will then have a bowl of hot cooked yummy noodles that looks like this:

cooked Yakisoba noodles from Costco in a bowl

What I also like about these Yakisoba Noodles is the fact that they make me full.  Even though there is no meat, I can eat this for lunch and be full until dinner!  When I first bought it, I thought of adding meat or shrimp to it to make it more filling.  Then I had a very busy day and just microwaved one package of these noodles for lunch, and it was very filling.  Even though there is no meat, these Yakisoba noodles taste very complete and satisfying.

The nutritional information for 1 package of Sam Choy’s Yakisoba noodles is: 460 calories, 16 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 4 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein.  The ingredients are yakisoba noodles, cabbage, Chinese pea pod, asparagus, broccoli, carrot, edamame soybean, water chestnut, red bell pepper, soy sauce, soybean oil, shiitake mushroom, sugar, water mirin, oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt, garlic, black pepper.

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    1. These are the best! My family (of 4) makes 3 pouches for a meal. Sometimes with chicken or beef, or just as is. And so easy…you can microwave them in their bags by popping wholes in the top of the bag. Comes out the same!

  1. I’m not generally a fan of frozen foods, but this looks really good and all the vegetables are recognizable as such. I wonder if I could get the teens to eat these instead of the horrible 2 minute noodles they always crave?

  2. I try to steer away from prepackaged meals, too, but this one looks fresh and inviting. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Costco- oh how I love thee:) okay never had this brand or noodles before but I am loving that picture of the juicy flavorful veggies and noodles abd I am thinking I need to make another trip to Costco before the baby arrives:)

  4. I haven’t seen this one in my costco yet. I’d love to check it out. I’m curious how much this package costs.. It’s Costco price so I assume it’s not that expensive. Yakisoba is actually easy to cook if you have yakisoba noodles, yakisoba sauce, and all the ingredients you want to put. However, it’s great for people who have no access to Asian/Japanese stores. This looks good from the picture!

  5. Oh! I will have to look for this noddles next time at Costco..and I was there last night :-(
    Thanks for sharing it…hope you are having a wonderful week Melanie :-)

  6. They are good, however, I am not a big fan of food manufactured in China. There is very little regulation and they have problems with factories putting poisonous chemicals in food.

  7. I used to get this product at Costco, but the one I go to stopped carrying the product and has substituted an inferior Yakisoba product and I have not been able to find this product at Sam’s Club. I am in the St Louis area. any help in getting Costco to bring this product back to St Louis would be appreciated.

  8. Yes!!! These noodles where good till I found a brown baby frog in mines that was not fully developed!!! They lost a customer!!!

  9. Today I found out that our Costco will no longer carry this product. What a shame. We loved it. I can find no one else who carries it either.

  10. Read your piece, “Sam Choy’s Yakisoba Noodles From Costco” with interest. I am a big fan of the product, but can no longer find it here at my local Costco in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.

    I found out that they no longer stock Sam Choy’s Yakisoba — it was discontinued because Costco couldn’t get it for the ‘right price’.

    Question: Have you located a new source for this very tasty product?

    If so, I would appreciate it if you could pass along any information as to where I can get Sam Choy’s Yakisoba.


  11. Unfortunately, Sam Choy’s Yakisoba have disappeared from our Costco too :( I can’t find them anywhere else. I’ve tried a different brand of Yakisoba that Costco carries now, but it wasn’t anywhere near as tasty as Sam Choy’s.

  12. My neighbor just introduced me to this product and it is fantastic. Restaurant quality if you ask me. We just went and bought 6 boxes. San Antonio, Texas had just restocked their stores with this product….yum!

  13. cook as directed add to a hot pan with a little olive oil ,let sizzle a minute, scramble in 3 eggs with pepper only .add cheese on top ,cover a minute to melt the cheese. top with siracha hot sauce…breakfast yummmmy

  14. I’ve missed this Costco treasure so much that I googled it and found your blog…I see many others miss it as much as my family and I do. Being an intrepid reporter, I launched a fact-finding mission. I just talked to the buyer in charge of frozen foods for the Southeast. GOOD NEWS! She said some ingredients were sourced out of Japan and no longer available. They’ve reworked the recipe and JUST approved a new formulation. Yakisoba bowls should be back in stores by the end of September! Woot!

  15. I also had them and loved loved them but now I cannot find them in Costco…. why do they do this? Now where can I buy online anyone? PLEASE

  16. I just wonder about them being a product of China! I like the noodles, but the fact that they’re a product of China is disturbing… Just saying

  17. Aren’t most things made in China these days? :) I’m not really worried, and these yakisoba noodles are really tasty! Looks like they are back at our Costco (Chicago area)!

  18. Only now I realized that one package has 61% daily sodium intake! OMG! This takes good, but it’s a weapon, not food! They add way to much salt on frozen food! I used to buy this, but my husband has high blood pressure and excess of salt is not good to anyone. I had two packages in the freezer, but I will never buy this again!

  19. I just bought some 11/20 and they taste good.
    That being said, it is made in china!!!!!!!!

    Whith the conditions and practices there, I would not eat anything made in china. It’s really a shame that it can’t be from the USA. Even the chicken teriyaki bowls are made in the USA……Heinz products.

  20. I just purchased these exact noodles on Sunday (9/7/14) from my Costco in Indianapolis. I LOVE these noodles. There was a rep giving samples of them on Sunday and I bought some. again, LOVE these noodles. I came across your site when I googled the frozen Japanese food from Costco. My co-workers were raving about how good they smelled and I couldn’t rememeber the name. This is already on my list for my next Costco visit. :)

  21. This really is a great product. I love them. You want to love them more, cook according to
    instructions then add 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and splenda brown sugar.

    Awesome and fast!

  22. To me the Costco Yakisoba was filling, but the noodles were more like spaghetti than ramen noodles which I’ve had better Yakasoba from Costco. So I then tried the Teriyaki chicken bowls which I liked better. Unfortunately I really like Yakisobe so I’m still looking

  23. Love these! I sauté thinly sliced cabbage, fresh broccoli ( I blanch it first) peas, extra carrots etc. then add the cooked product. Then my husband and I share it. Have also added sautéed chicken, pork tenderloin or shrimp.
    Great product!!!!

  24. I tried a sample at Costco and loved it! I was going to add shrimp as well but ate it for lunch on busy day at work and loved the flavor and the fact that it filled me up. I threw away the box before I checked out the calorie count but am pleased to see it isn’t super high with a lot of sodium. It tastes very fresh and you would never think it came from a frozen pouch.
    I am sold!!

  25. Just ate a bowl – yummy! That said, had hoped to find the recipe to make them myself as a take to work lunch. Anyone seen it?

  26. Since this comes with lots of noodles, I steam stir-fry (a little oil and more water periodically) more veggies (carrots, onions, celery, peppers, zucchini, etc). I start with cutting extra veggies and start stir frying. Then put frozen noodles in a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes while cooking veggies. Also add garlic powder, ginger bits, cracked pepper, and a tablespoon or 2 of Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce to veggies while packet is being microwaved. Then add microwaved packet to stir-fry veggies and cook a bit more (since packet says microwave 3 minutes total). Easily makes 2 servings with added vegetables.

  27. I cook a lot of Asian food so I’m really picky, and I seldom by frozen anything. But I gave these a try and was quite pleasantly surprised. I am quite satisfied with them as is, but if I have time I will doctor them up with things like fresh ginger, more veggies (sauteed cabbage with soy sauce is great), some of last night’s teriyaki chicken, leftover steak, egg made in a thin sheet as for fried rice, a little chili-garlic paste, etc., etc. I will often pack them to work with a tiny snack baggie of chopped green onion and cilantro and maybe some shredded carrot. Wonderful lunch for work or when you’re on the go.

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