package of mini bagel dogs from costco

Mini Bagels Dogs From Costco

package of mini bagel dogs from costco

I recently purchased these Mini Bagel Dogs in Costco.  These mini bagel dogs make a great very convenient kids lunch to pack into kids school lunchboxes :)

Mini Bagel Dogs are Vienna Beef cocktail franks wrapped in cooked bagel dough.  These Costco mini bagel dogs are Vienna Beef brand.  The package is 2 lbs, and contains 40-42 mini bagel dogs.

The Mini Bagel Dogs are fully cooked.  The package needs to be kept in the freezer, and you just microwave the bagel dogs to heat them.  The back of the package also includes the heating instructions in a conventional oven, but I just use a microwave to heat the Mini Bagel Dogs, and they taste great.  Unless you don’t have a microwave, there is no need to use the oven to warm the Bagel Dogs.

Below is a picture of a bunch of Mini Bagel Dogs from Costco, warmed on a plate and ready to eat:

mini bagel dogs on a plate

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