Lunch At Einstein Bros Bagels In Glencoe IL

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einstein bros bagels restaurant glencoe illinois

I love the bagels from Einstein Bros Bagels – they are freshly baked, big and tasty!  I also love their flavored cream cheese – my favorite is Einstein Bros Honey Almond Shmear!

When people think of Einstein Bros Bagels, the first thing that comes to mind is “breakfast”.  Bagels for breakfast – perfect!  However, in addition to a being a wonderful breakfast option, Einstein Bros makes a great lunch!

When you eat at Einstein Bros Bagels for lunch, you get very tasty sandwiches made with their fresh bagels!  We all know that the sandwich is just as good as the bread that’s used to make it, so when you use a delicious bagel as a sandwich bread, you just can’t go wrong!

Einstein Bagels has a special lunch value menu.  For just $5.99, you get a delicious fresh deli sandwich, side of potato salad or chips and a drink.  The sandwich choices are turkey, chicken salad, tuna salad, ham and cheese and veggie.

einstein bros lunch special menu

There are lots of Einstein Bros Bagels locations all over the US, and these pics were taken at the Einstein Bagels location in Glencoe Illinois (a northern suburb of Chicago).  Here’s the interior of that restaurant – it’s quite a happy place!

einstein bros bagels inside the restaurant

Einstein Bagels offers bottomless coffee – that means free refills, have as much coffee as you want.  Get caffeinated to your heart’s consent :)

einstein bagels free coffee refills

There are 4 different kind of coffee flavors at Einstein Bros Bagels – the Neighborhood Blend, Neighborhood Blend Decaf, Vanilla Hazelnut and Melvyn’s Dark Roast.

einstein bros coffee flavors

In addition to hot coffee, there is also iced coffee!  It’s right by those iced teas.  You can get iced black tea, green tea or iced coffee!

einstein bros bagels iced tea coffee

And finally, here’s the picture of the Einstein Bros bagels turkey sandwich meal.  You get to choose a bagel (I chose poppyseed), and I’m having it with a potato salad.  It also comes with a pickle.  This sandwich was really delicious!

einstein bros bagel deli turkey sandwich

The Einstein Bros Bagels in Glencoe is located at 682 Vernon Ave, Glencoe IL 60022, phone #(847) 835-9885.  Enjoy your lunch!

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