Ceviche Peruvian Seafood & Steak Restaurant Review (Chicago)

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Ceviche is a Peruvian Restaurant located in the city of Chicago, and it specializes in – you guessed it by its name – in fresh ceviche! There are many kinds of ceviche that it serves, and their ceviche is amazing and the portions are giant!

The restaurant has a very unique interior with an exposed brick, Peruvian artwork and a huge stunning chandelier!

Ceviche Peruvian Restaurant Chicago


The meal starts out with a complimentary fresh warm crusty bread and the house-made super-addictive garlic dipping sauce! With the bread like this, I normally expect just butter and would never think of a garlic sauce as an accompaniment, but boy, this is so good! Tear off the piece of the bread and dunk it in a spicy mouthwatering garlic sauce – yum! It’s simply impossible to stop until all the bread is gone. Every bite of this bread with the garlic sauce gets you craving more and more!

Bread In Ceviche Restaurant

Ceviche’s menu has a large assortment of authentic Peruvian appetizers and entree’s, it’s hard to decide among all these mouthwatering options. But one thing you absolutely must order is the ceviche itself! Their ceviche is fresh and delicious, and the portions are definitely enough for 2 hungry people!

Ceviche Peruvian Seafood Chicago

We started out with Peruvian chicken tamale – so tasty! Peruvian tamale filled with chicken, nuts and Peruvian black olives, and cooked in a banana leaf – yum! It comes with a marinated onion salad – crunchy, tangy and delicious!

Peruvian Chicken Tamale


Another appetizer we got were the Champinones Saltados – it’s actually listed under Vegetarian Entrees, but has an appetizer price of $8 :) It’s mushrooms sauteed with olive oil, basil, garlic, red peppers and white wine. Love mushrooms!

Peruvian Mushrooms

Next comes… drumroll… ceviche! That’s the main reason we are here! The authentic Peruvian ceviche, and this is the place to get it!

We chose Ceviche Mixto – a plate of variety of seafood marinated in leche de tigre – lime juice and Peruvian rocoto chilies! This ceviche marinade is amazing! Served with the sweet potato and Peruvian white corn. I love that white corn – the kernels are huge (twice as big as regular corn) and they are so tasty!

Ceviche Peruvian Seafood & Steakhouse

When I first got their ceviche, I was shocked how big it is! I was so used to other restaurants that get you a teeny-tiny portion of ceviche for the same price! Ceviche’s Peruvian ceviche is not an appetizer – it’s a main meal. And it’s big enough for two people 2 share if they also get an appetizer!

Here’s the picture of one of their many tasty chicken dishes: Pollo Saltado Origen Chino Peruano – chicken breast sauteed with cilantro, tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices. It comes with the homemade fries and steamed rice – scruptious!

Peruvian Chicken Dish With Fries

In Ceviche restaurant, we are always too full for desserts, but saw them bring a dessert tray out to another table and their desserts looked amazing – flan, chocolate cake, creme brulee and layered Napoleon cake. The dessert slices are huge!

Ceviche Peruvian Restaurant Artwork

If you are in a mood for ceviche or want to try something new and exiting (Peruvian food!), I highly recommend Ceviche Peruvian restaurant.  By the way, they are also BYOB!  They are located at 2554 W. Diversey Ave, Chicago IL 60647, and their phone number is 773-235-4500. Psst – they often have a Groupon :)

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