Allgauer’s Restaurant Review (Northbrook, Chicago Suburbs)

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Allgauer's restaurant in northbrook

Allgauer’s restaurant in Northbrook has the best Sunday brunch and the best Friday night seafood buffet in Chicago area.  I have been to many places for buffet (some are more expensive than Allgauer’s), and nothing even comes close to Allgauer’s restaurant.

What’s so great about the Allgauer’s buffet is that there is a lot of variety and the food is outstanding.  Allgauer’s buffet food is so fancy – I haven’t seen a buffet like this anywhere!  Usually buffets have average plain foods, but Allgauer’s buffet offerings look and taste like the entrees that you’ll get in a fancy expensive restaurant!

Allgauer’s restaurant has white tablecloths and it’s very classy.  The restaurant has a great decor and ambiance and is overlooking the river.  Being inside this restaurant is a pleasure.

On Friday evenings, Allgauer’s has seafood buffet.  You get all you can eat lobster!  They put out the whole boiled lobsters, and you get as many as you want.  I love dipping the lobster tail in drawn butter!  In addition to lobster, they also have unlimited snow crab legs, mussels and shrimp.  It’s a true seafood feast!

Allgauer’s seafood buffet also has lots of fancy seafood salads – shrimp ceviche, tilapia ceviche and different kinds of shrimp salads.  They also have huge poached salmon, fried calamari and lots of different kinds of fish main dishes.  There is also a variety of green salads, roasted asparagus, grilled portobello mushrooms and cheese platter.  There are several choices of soup, and also many kinds of meat, chicken and pasta main dishes.   They are also carving prime rib and making stir-fries to order.

The desserts at the Allgauer’s buffet are amazing!  There are brownies, chocolate cakes, cheesecake, cream puffs, pecan pie and so many other mouthwatering pastries!  There is also a chocolate fountain where you can dip strawberries, marshmallows and pretzel sticks.

Allgauer’s Sunday brunch has similar food to the Friday buffet.  There are fewer seafood dishes and no lobster on Sunday, but there is an omelette station and delicious breakfast foods like french toast, eggs benedict and Belgian waffles.  Sunday brunch includes unlimited Champagne, and it has so many fancy salads, cheeses, poached salmon, crab legs, shrimp, various appetizers and lots of fish, chicken, meat and pasta main dishes.  There is also carved Prime rib.  For the kids, there is a special buffet section with kids’ favorites like mac-n-cheese, corn dogs, chicken tenders, tater tots and corn.  The desserts are the same as on Friday nights, and they are amazing!

The price of the Sunday brunch at Allgauer’s restaurant is $36.95 for adults and $14.95 for children 4-12 years old (children 3 and under are free).  The price of a Friday night seafood buffet at Allgauer’s is $42.92 for adults and $19.95 for children 4-12.

For holidays, Allgauer’s restaurant always has special holiday buffet.  We’ve been to Allgauer’s for Mother’s Day brunch, New Year’s brunch and Thanksgiving brunch, and it was always perfect!  There is just so much mouthwatering food at Allgauer’s buffet – I wish I had ten stomachs so I can try it all :)

If you are looking for an outstanding buffet, Allgauer’s restaurant is a sure deal.  Allgauer’s restaurant is located in the Hilton hotel in Northbrook.  The address is 2855 North Milwaukee Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062, and their phone number is 847-664-7999.

Here’s Allgauer’s chocolate fountain:

Allgauer's restaurant chocolate fountain

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