senoya restaurant

Senoya Buffet Restaurant Review (Niles IL, Chicago Suburbs)

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senoya restaurant

Senoya restaurant is a buffet of Chinese, Japanese and Korean food.  Senoya is pretty cheap – $12.95 for an adult dinner all-you-can-eat buffet, and it really is a step above the usual Chinese-style buffet, in both the food and the ambiance.

Senoya is nothing like those cafeteria-style Chinese buffets.  Senoya has the environment of a nice sit-down restaurant that has a buffet section. The restaurant is built so you don’t even see the buffet while you are sitting at your table, and you don’t see the lines of people running back and forth.  Senoya is pretty quiet for a buffet, dimly lit and your can enjoy your meal in peace.

In Senoya, there are waiters that take your drink order.  The soft drinks are included in a buffet price, so don’t order water :) The waiters bring drinks, provide refills and keep taking away dirty dishes from your table.  In Senoya, you are expected to leave a tip.

The buffet in Senoya restaurant has great sushi rolls.  There are tuna rolls, california rolls and some other kind of large-size sushi rolls that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  There is wasabi and ginger to go with the rolls, and the rolls taste great!  There is cold spicy noodle dish next to the sushi rolls (seems to be Korean in origin, I just don’t know the name), and I always get a lot of it, it’s really tasty!  There is also spicy Kimchi and the bean sprouts dish.

Here’s the picture of some of Senoya’s sushi rolls on a plate, with ginger and wasabi and the spicy bean sprouts dish:

senoya restaurant sushi rolls

Next, there is a salad bar in Senoya restaurant where you can make a standard American salad – there is a dish of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and other vegetables, and several kinds of dressings.

Then there is a section in Senoya buffet with the Chinese-style appetizers: egg rolls, crispy wontons and crab rangoon.  I really like crab rangoon and always eat it in Senoya.  There are also soups (egg drop soup and hot & sour soup) and the side dishes like steamed rice, fried rice and boiled noodles.

Here’s the picture of the egg drop soup from Senoya:

senoya egg drop soup

And here’s the picture of my favorite Asian soup – the hot & soup soup – yum!
senoya's hot & sour soup

In front on this picture is a huge hot and crispy eggroll that’s super yummy:

senoya egg roll

The main dish section of Senoya has boiled shrimp (and cocktail sauce on the side), grilled calamari, Korean BBQ beef, orange chicken, and a bunch of other meat dishes.

Here’s the picture of boiled shrimp with the cocktail sauce of dipping, crab rangoon and the spicy bean sprouts:

shrimp, crab rangoon and beans sprouts

For small children, there are lots of kid-friendly options at Senoya – the ones that our kids always go for are noodles, corn and crispy noodle-shaped chips.  On the picture below, there is corn, breaded fried calamari, fried chicken drumstick and those crispy chips.

senoya food

Here’s the picture of plain noodles for the kids:

senoya noodles

There is also a section with the cut up fruit (cut-up bananas, canteloupe, melon, pineapple and some other fruits).  There are one or two kinds of pound cake next to the fruit, and an ice cream machine dispenses the chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream and a swirl ice cream (a combination of chocolate and vanilla).

This is the pound cake from Senoya, with the sweet red sauce on top:

white cake

Here’s the chocolate ice cream:

chocolate ice cream

And here’s the fruit plate:

senoya fruit plate

The quality of the food in Senoya is good.  If I want an Asian-style buffet, I go to Senoya.  I won’t set my foot in 90% of the Chinese buffets in Chicago area, but I keep coming back to Senoya.  Senoya restaurant is located at 8750 W. Golf Rd, Niles IL 60714.  Senoya phone number is (847) 299-7717.

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