simple bakery and market lake geneva wi

Simple Bakery And Market In Lake Geneva WI

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simple bakery and market lake geneva wi

Simple Bakery And Market is located right next door to the Simple Cafe in Lake Geneva WI.  This little bakery is amazing!  They have a huge variety of super yummy goodies at great prices.

Here are some pictures that I took at Simple Bakery And Market when we were on vacation in Lake Geneva.  In this dessert case, they are cupcakes, lemon bars, chocolate pastries filled with white cream and the flourless chocolate cake:

simple bakery dessert case

Here are the delicious freshly baked breads:

simple bakery breads

More amazing treats from Simple Bakery And Market: brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies and other pastries that I would love to eat :)

simple bakery desserts pastries

Jams, honey, coffee and tea:

simple bakery lake geneva jam

More freshly baked rolls and croissants:

lake geneva bakery

Here’s the bakery counter:

lake geneva simple bakery and market counter

There is so much good stuff there – I wish I could just eat it all!  We got two things: a flourless chocolate cake and a cinnamon roll.  Boy, were they good!!!

Here’s the cinnamon roll – so fresh and yummy! I love smelling cinnamon rolls before eating them – I smell it and anticipate the taste, and then I taste it and it’s so good!

bakery cinnamon roll

Here’s the photo of the flourless chocolate cake slice.  All I can say is – OMG!  This is the best flourless chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted.  So smooth, so rich, so chocolatey.  Perfect taste, perfect texture.  And it had a hint of coffee!  Coffee and chocolate are my addictions, and to have those flavors combined in this ultimate cake was divine.

flourless chocolate cake slice picture

If you are in Lake Geneva, Simple Bakery And Market is a must visit.  First, eat breakfast or lunch in the Simple Cafe next door (it is outstanding and in my mind worth an hour drive to Lake Geneva from Chicago!) and then head over to Simple Bakery for dessert.  This will be a perfect vacation meal with an ultimate fresh bakery dessert.

Simple Bakery And Market is located at 521 Broad St, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, phone #(262) 248-2190.  Enjoy!

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