Bonefish Restaurant Review (Skokie, IL – Chicago Suburbs)

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Bonefish Grill Restaurant is located in Skokie, IL (a north suburb of Chicago).  You can tell what kind of restaurant Bonefish is by its name – after all, can “Bonefish” be anything other than a fish restaurant :)  Yes, Bonefish Grill specializes in fish, and they are really good.  Bonefish Grill restaurant is a great place to get fish!

Bonefish Grill has a grilled specialties section with choices of grilled fish.  I always get something from that section.  The prices are under $20 for a fish dinner, and the quality and taste are excellent.

My favorite fish in Bonefish is grilled rainbow trout.  I like to get it with the lemon butter sauce.  The other choices of sauce to go with the fish are mango salsa and chimichurri.  For the side, I get garlic mashed potatoes, which are excellent.

Before the dinner is served, the waiter brings out warm fresh bread and an olive oil mixed with pesto for dipping the bread.  The bread is really good, it’s a soft french-style bread with a crispy crust.  Olive oil with pesto gives it a unique flavor – when you dip the bread, you get a hint of fresh pesto herbs with every bite.

For a couple of bucks, I always add the house salad to my meal.  Bonefish House Salad has very fresh greens with tomatoes, artichokes, pine nuts and an excellent vinegarette dressing.  This salad looks gorgeous and tastes so fresh and crisp.

The fish portions in Bonefish Grill are big.  I usually can only finish half and take another half home.  The fish is always full of flavor, cooked perfectly, never dry, and the lemon-butter sauce goes so well with it.  If you are a big fan of lemon-butter sauce, ask for the extra lemon-butter sauce on the side!

For the appetizer, I’ve tried their Bang-Bang shimp and I love it.  This shrimp is coated in a unique spicy and creamy sauce that’s extremely addictive!  I’ve never tasted anything like this anywhere else.  You just keep eating this shrimp and can’t stop.  Bang-Bang shrimp is their “chef’s selection” appetizer, and rightfully so.

For the dessert, I’ve eaten their key lime pie many times and it’s really good.  Key lime is such a nice ending for a fish dinner!

For a fish dinner in North suburbs of Chicago, you just can’t go wrong with Bonefish.  Great food, reasonable prices, nice environment – go ahead and get your fish fix in Bonefish.

Bonefish Grill restaurant is located at 9310 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie, IL 60077.  Bonefish phone number is (847) 674-4634.

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