the cheese factory restaurant - street view

The Cheese Factory Restaurant Review (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

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the cheese factory restaurant - street view

The Cheese Factory is a Vegetarian restaurant located in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  Wisconsin Dells is a tourist destination, so most restaurants there are average “touristy” quality.  The Cheese Factory is an exception!  The Cheese Factory restaurant is outstanding.  The Cheese Factory is unique, has a personality, pleasant ambiance and well-prepared food that really stands out from the crowd of restaurants in Wisconsin Dells.

The Cheese Factory is strictly vegetarian – there is no meat or fish on the menu whatsoever.  You’d expect to see a place like this in a big city – not in a small Midwestern town of 2,500 (yes, that’s the population count of Winsconsin Dells).

At the entrance of the cheese factory has a beautiful garden – it really stands out and you can see it from far away.  The inside of the restaurant is light and airy, just like the garden.

Here’s a picture of the front door of The Cheese Factory restaurant with a portion of the garden:
the cheese factory restaurant front door and garden

The Cheese Factory restaurant menu has vegetarian sandwiches, pizzas, stir-fries, pastas, salads and wraps.  The menu is quite extensive with lots of exotic-style dishes, crafted from fresh ingredients without meat.  There is also a vegan section, gluten-free section and a great kids menu.  Plus a mouth-watering dessert menu!

Some menu selections at The Cheese Factory use meat substitutes like tofu and tempeh, but most entrees are naturally meat-free where meat is not needed and not missed.  Personally, I hate tofu, but love naturally meat-free meals, and there is so much stuff I wanted to eat at The Cheese Factory!

The Cheese Factory restaurant is affordable.  The prices at The Cheese Factory are around $8-$14 for a main entree.

The menu in Cheese Factory includes the familiar stuff like pasta with marinara sauce, pasta with pesto, cheese pizza, hawaiian pizza, portobello mushroom sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, ravioli, Spanakopita, hummus, black bean burrito.  It also has lots of exotic creations like Spicy Thai Lomein, East Meets Midwest chickpea stew, Hungarian goulash (with tofu) and Malaysian coconut noodles.

I ordered Crostini Douxelles – crunchy garlic toast layered with Portobello mushroom pate, capers, smoked almonds, Romano cheese and roasted red peppers.  It was served with a side salad made with super-fresh greens and delicious vinegarette dressing.  My husband ordered Portobello Mushroom sandwich – marinated and grilled Portobello mushroom with grilled onions, red peppers and pesto mayo, served on a grilled ciabatta buns.  Our meals were outstanding!

Here’s a picture of the Crostini Douxelles that I ate in The Cheese Factory:
the entree in The Cheese Factory restaurant

If you are in Wisconsin Dells, The Canother view of garden at the cheese factory restaurant in wisconsin dellsheese Factory should be on your *must try* list!  The Cheese Factory is located at 521 Wisconsin Dells Parkway S, Wisconsin Dells, WI 52965.  Their phone number is 608-253-6065.  The Cheese Factory is located in the Downtown of Wisconsin Dells and it’s really easy to find – it has a huge garden at the front, big sign and you’ll just see it when driving through Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

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  1. Joyti
    Joyti says:

    It sounds like an interesting restaurant. The food sounds very ‘normal’, like some 0f its healthy and some dishes are treats. Nice balance.


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